Thursday, September 22, 2011


ok, well this is going to have to be really short, i dont have much time, man this past week has just been so crazy i dont even know where to start!!! Seriously, we have never worked so hard, ever!! The lord is continually blessing my companion and i with the people that he has prepared to recieve the restored gospel!! we are just so swamped with people to teach, its worse than how it was when i was in wilmington!! So its crazy!

So this week, a lot happened. If you remember Carlos, the mexican that elder Freeman and i were teaching but then dropped off the face of the earth, well he almost died last week because he was drinking alcohol for 2 weeks without food or water at all, so we gave him a blessing, taught him, and he accepted to be baptized the 30th of oct!! What a great blessing and such a spiritual experience for us!! I am so glad that we have him back because my mexican accent comes alive!!! I miss mexican people so much, the dominicans and puerto ricans out here, man the spanish is so trashy and chopped up, and i just cant help but sound like them, so its nice for a little change every once in a while! :)

We were able to watch the groundbreaking of el Templo de Filadelfia and it was so amazing! Ive never watched one before, and we had john with us, and he was really touched by the spirit as was i and everyone who was watching and present! It should be finished in 2013 so i am comin back to philly!!! YEAH!!!! :) Church was amazing, we have a new senior couple serving in the ward with us as well, so we got 7 missionaries going at it here in Spring Garden Ward!! I am so excited!!! THe work is just going crazy!! also, we have been doing a lot of good finding through the activites!! We are playing futbol on friday nights, and we had like 15 people show up and it was so much fun!!! Its getting so intense, but we always pray and read a scripture, and there are a couple who we are teaching so it is paying off!! Also, the weather is already starting to get cold!! That means, BIG WINTER!!! YEAHH!!! i am so stoked!! My companion and i are going to freeze!! no car, and most of the buses wont be running, haha so excited!!

Yesterday, we went to the zoo, i havent been there in forever, but it was so cool!!! just thought that youd like to know! :) also, a couple puerto rican kids decided to punch a couple of missionaries here in our district, and like the philly people have always said, dont mess with the Jesus people!

well, it has been an eventful week, i cant believe i have been out 11 months today, but i am so glad that i am here! The lord is so amazing, and he always answers our prayers!! Always! Try to be like the lamanites that ammon and his brothers taught- Alma 23:6. thats what is all about! I llove you all and i am so grateful for all the support!! Like jose smith says, "shall we not go on in so great a cause?" live it , love it, and JUST DO It !! :)

Elder Gallego

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