Monday, September 12, 2011



Man i dont know what is going on over here on the east coast with all this rain, but philly is flooding in so many places!! Im so confused too, because i guess there are 2 huracanes coming here again? Anyways, yeah, its really wet here, but the work is going great!! And to all those who now know, I AM GOING TO BE AN UNCLE!!!! i am so excited!!!! I hope they are twin boys so that i can teach them all sorts of fun stuff, and play sports with them!! :)

bueno, this week was so good! Our zone leaders sent out a challenge to all the missionaries in our zone that the companionship that has the best numbers with people contacted, other lessons taught, and new investigators ratios, we get to pick where they have to take us to eat dinner, anywhere in philly!! So we went at it and we really caught on fire this week!! My companion, Elder Mailo is progressing so much and i am so excited to be learning along side with him! We found some good new investigadores and we had 9 investigadores at church yesterday!! It was great!! We also had a lot of success with the less actives in our area, and getting them all excited about coming back to church! I love working with less actives!!

So that challenge that the zone leaders gave, really gave us the spark that we needed to just have the faith to talk to everyone!! My companion has been trying to work on his approach skills when contacting people in the street and just trying to not act so timid and stuff, and this week he made so much progress with all that he was focussing on! It really was a great experience for me as well, because it made me want to talk to more people as well and we met a lot of good potentials that we will be stopping back by this week!!

SO the groundbreaking of the philadelphia temple is this saturday!!! we are all so excited, and the city is just totally livid!!! Satan is really trying to overpower the members here, and they have been passing through a lot of trials, but the power of satan is nothing compared to the power of the being who created him!!! Always remember, no matter what the trial or the temptaion is, satan has no power over us, unless we give it to him! Read Alma 13:27-29!!! I love that scripture and testify that it is true!!

With all of this work that we have been doing here, hahah my pants are getting a little loose!! im down to about 155, and shrinking!! YAY!! BURN FAT!!! i dont have my little panzita anymore :( thats a belly by the way...and i am starting to skinny up!!! but im making sure that i dont go soft!! Nyal, i dont know how youre going to overcome going soft eating that type of food. P-90X!!! :D haha, but yeah, we have been working super hard here, and my companion eats like a horse!! I love samoans!! We have really started to develop a true love for the mission, and it reminds me of Alma and Amulek, and the sons of mosiah, all gone preaching the gospel for more than 14 years without seeing one another!! SO crazy, i truly do wish i could stay here for that long, but i know 2 years is what the lord has planned for me for now, so i will try my best!!

This week, we also saw a black guy, that was dressed up JUST like michael jackson before he went white, and man!! he did the dance, i cant remember what song it is now, but he did it perfect!! It was so insane!! I was laughing so hard, it was all right in the middle of the street too at some wedding!! He actually gets paid for it! It was so cool! ANyways, everything is going good!! We are getting some people prepared to be baptized, and recieve the blessings awaiting in store for them!! I love the mission, the gospel is so true!!

ELder Gallego

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