Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Youre not even going to believe, but i am training a 6 foot, 235 pound samoan!!! His name is elder Mailo!!! He is so cool!! it has been such a good week, and definately a learning experience for the both of us!! I am teaching him how to speak english and spanish, so its a bit hard at times, but he is really picking it up so fast!! We are working well together, and i am really letting him teach and testify and feel like he has about 6 months in the mission to boost his confidence right now!! He is doing great, his spanish is great, and his english is also getting much better! I am just picking up his New Zealand accent on english because he learned a little there before he came out! I also have ANOTHER companion who is the first missionary ever in his family!! SO cool!! He is 24, and made a promise with god that he wont fight people out here, or ever again, so that he can fully dedicate himself to the lord. So i have a body guard incase i need one :)
We have had a blast here this week, the rain is at it again today, and apparently will be all week, so i hope that we can find some success! Yesterday was great, we were playing some football yesterday at the park with some english elders and the other spanish elders, and i found out that my knee is great, and i have no pain today!! Very excited about that!! We played flag football, because the white handbook says no contact sports, but man that didnt keep me from eating it like 30 times!! haha, the grass was a little wet, and i didnt have cleats, ok..well i cut my elbow a bit, right next to the sar, but its totally ok, went flying after scoring a touchdown haha, and cut it on something, but its clean, not infected, and really bruised!! Looks really cool, and will be another scar to my collection!! :)
THis sunday was so great, my companion and i bore our testimonies, and it was so cool to see him go up there, and have the courage to speak some spanish his first sunday!! He is so cool, and just so natural! Learns so dang fast, and he is really teaching me a lot!! It felt good to get up and bear my testimony as well, i really felt a sincere love for the people and the members with whom we work with in this area. They dont really do their visits, well they dont do them at all, but they are always willing to help us, and i know that the members involvement with the missionaries is very important. So make a commitment to get out and do the visits!! We have a sad case with noe, a recent convert, feels like nobody in the ward except his best friend elvys, really cares about him, and has slipped into drinking, so that was a bit of a set back for us. Really hurts to hear when someone feels alone in the church. So be that person to go and get to know someone. It will really help!
I know that god lives, jesucristo is his son, and they love us both so much and they want us to do our best. We can and will become perfect through the atonement of jesucristo! I know it for a fact! THe book of mormon is the word of god. Read it, live it, love it!!
Elder Gallego

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