Monday, May 23, 2011


NO MANCHES!!!! ya tengo siete meses aqui en la mision!! Es increible las cosas que he aprendido y todos los milagros que han pasado desde el principio. Espero que me vaya a tener mas antes que me salga. Ok, since probably like 10 of you know what i just said, ill just go in english now and you can have fun translating that! :)

Well, everything here is going great. THe weather is nice, rains like every other day, the work is moving forward like no other here, and we are getting ready to have some more baptisms! If i stay here, which is not looking very possible since i have 6 months here already in 2 weeks, i will not be around for them. But, it is totally ok with me. I am so grateful for the work that i have been able to accomplish here in this area. I will never forget it, the people i have met, the experiencias  that i have been able to imprint in my mind will never leave. It is so crazy how much a mision can change someones life so fast!! I wouldnt have it any other way!!

The family of Angelica y Vicente are doing great! We had a split this friday night, and elder bingham was in the church doing service with helping mahonry set up for his wedding recepcion, and i went with Angel, one of the recent converts. We had a great lesson with Angelica, Vicente, Alex and Oscar. It was incredible, they all read!!!!  I was so happy, and we got to go over some of the things that they right. Vicente wanted to know why in the world Nefi cutt off the head of laban, so i explained that it is better than one man die, than a whole nacion and he understood that pretty well. They all accepted the commitment to read and pray every day as a family and personally to know when they should set a baptismal date! It was such a great spirit, a lesson that i will never forget!!

This week, we also had some really sweet FHE with like half the branch! It was really fun, last monday we played futbol and had a carne asada and elder bingham and i shared a message about how important it is to do service to others, but not only with things like landscaping or worldly things. The most important act of service that we can do is open our mouths and share what we know with others. DOnt be afraid to be told no. Trust me. If you never ask, the answer is already no. You cant be afraid to talk to friends, neighbors, family members, and just ask. I testify that that is how it is done. People need what we have, and if we deny them that chance of having it because we are too scared to be told no, then something has got to change! Us as missionaries need you!!

We also had a great FHE last night with our branch mission leader, and the other 3 families that live in his house! We went through the plan de salvacion pamphlets and we talked about the importance of our life here on earth. We not only need to be baptized and recieve the holy spirit to live in the presencia de our father in heaven, but we have to Endure to the end. The hardest part. I know that if we do though, that we will recieve the blessings that our father in heaven has is store for us. We have to show him how much we want it! We need to remember that the power that we have to do what we do, comes not from us, but from Him. So why not go to him in times of need? I have seen that out here, the people, they need that direction. They need someone to tell them what is best, and that is what my job is. I know that in the end, it will be their decision whether or not to accept it, but that is what we are here for. To use our agency and get back to live with him by choosing the bien.

SOmething else that i also realized this week, is that it is impossible for us to conquer a sin or a threat unless we recognize it. We need others help to do that. THat is when charity comes in. Charity is something that has truly been hard to show sometimes out here, when people dont accept the best thing this life has to offer, but i realized that we cant expect to pull charity from out of ourselves. It doesnt come from us. The only person that has it is Jesucristo. We get it from him, and through that gift that many people in this world have recieved, we are able to show the pure love of christ to others! I love having the opportunity to do that as a missionary! We were able to bless a home yesterday, give a man, who isnt even a member, a blessing of comfort, and this morning to comfort a dominican lady, Maria del Carmen, as she is trying to make it through a prgnancy at like 50 years old. I love having opportunities like these to show that pure love of christ. What a blessing it is!!

This sunday, we had a stake conference, but it was alive broadcast from salt lake, and we were able to hear from elder nelson and eyring and a few others. It was a really good experience, and there were a good amount of members in both church buildings and at the stake center in dover. I was really impressed by elder Eyring, he talked a lot about the spirit and how we need to be worthy to have it. Brought me to Ether 2:15 when the lord explains to the brother of jared that his spirit will not always strive with the children of men. How sad a truth that is, but that just makes it even harder to maintain it! DO all you can to be worthy to have that spirit as a guide in your life.

Mahonry and Deicy got sealed this saturday! And we were able to go to the recepcion at the capilla and it was cool, because i was able to say a few words of ohh what are they called, uhh like encouragement i guess?? I cant remember the word in english...anyways, so yeah that was cool, edgar did all his sweet dancing with his wife karen. He is totally going to be the DJ at my wedding thats for sure. Spanish music is so legit! Well, thats about all for this week. Sorry if my emails are too long, nyal says theyre novels, so i guess ill try to not write so much :) Hey thanks for the letter Nyal, and Tyler, i hope you got mine, i sent it like a month ago...and Jade, MY address is 806 North Harrison Apt #1 Wilmington, DE 19806- so hope that helps you get in touch with me. I cant write emails to anyone other than my family. Well, family and friends, i love you all hope you have a great week!! Just remember, always eat your vegetables, moms know what they are talking about!! (more to that after the mission :)

Elder Gallego

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