Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Allllllrighty then!! This week, was well, slower than normal, but we definately were super busy! Its a little wierd how that works out, but it just does! I got to learn so much again this week! I love how out on the mission, i have just been able to have those days that are a feast of the spirit!! I am loving it right now, my companion and i have really caught stride together, and through a lot of hard work and diligence, he has been able to finally get it! I am so grateful for this, because now i have noticed that we have the spirit with us more and that we have really been able to have some very effective in depth lessons, especially with a lot of the recent converts and less actives here. Our church attendance has dropped under 100 for the past 3 weeks now, but that is what happens. Mexicans here have to work basically all day long. They all have 2 some 3 jobs, so they havent been able to really be as "on" as they were earlier. We are still making great progress though!!

I want to give a little rundown of a couple cool things that happened this week- i have a portugese book of mormon now and am learning rapidamente, we were able to get DIRTY!!!!- yeah 5 hours of landscaping!!!! Totally made my week, basketball on saturday was a great turnout, and was a great workout, i have lost 15 pounds this week somehow...i was able to eat at DAIRY QUEEN!!! yeah that was awesome, and we left our keys in the church one day, so the next morning there was a window open somehow, and my companion hoisted me in and it was awesome!! also, yesterday, some of the members let their kids have a waterballoon fight outside, and so i go out just to see, and i get lit up!! Also about 2 cups, no i think 3 cups of water poured on me. Yeah it was pretty intense, and i wasnt even playing!! :( haha cant care! it was so humid, i never did dry hahaaha so i felt really good the rest of the day!

Ok so there is some of the crazier stuff that has happend this week, but i wanna get to some really SWEET stuff!! Well, we did make contact with Elia again, said her phone was broken and that she would be at church this week, wasnt there, so we are going to give her some time for a bit, let her get things situated with moving out and all that. We found una familia nueva and....oh man i cant even remember their names....one of them was like nacho libre when he is introducing encarnacion..."aqui ninos, we have a new teacher, who hails from the wajaca montanas of the southern de mexico de san joses...brothers sisters cousin de.....guadalupe." hahaha something crazy that made me think of that! it was great, but her and her 2 daughters and son are referalls de erika, fani and isaak! SO we already have the fellowshipping going great and they look to be very promising!!

We have also been working very closely with Angelica and Vicente and almost set a date with them, but will wait until this next week! Their son that has 15 years, when i asked him what he would like to learn more about so that i could give him a good chapter to read en el libro de mormon, he told me everything...i was totally speechless, and i had to like get myself back into the zone! haha it was so strong, i cant descibe the spirit. I was reading nyals letter of the experience that he had with the two woment that were crying together and how they bore powerful testimony of the book de mormon and how he explained the spirit as tangible, well i have yet to have one of those experiences!! It is so cool to learn from other missionaries, especially my best friend, and to hear how the spirit feels to others. For me, its just always there, sometimes stronger, sometimes not as strong. But for me, i really notice it when it leaves. That is what really catches my attention. So Nyal, keep doing what your doing companero, youre going to hit some really good pockets of people out there if you keep doing that! I pray and hope that one day i can have an experience with the spirit being tangible! But, back to the story, alex, the one who has 15 years, he really is into it, and same with his little brother oscar. Angelina and Vicente are progressing well, they just need to all come to church now!! when we were teaching them about the introduction of the book of mormon this friday pasado, i noticed something that i had never noticed before. And that is that it is so hard to explain el libro de mormon if you havent read it! I am so greateful for the testimony i have gained of the veracidad of el libro de mormon and how much it has helped me understand the lamanitas y nefitas! It is such an incredible story , and it is like Nyal has mentioned, it would be so much easier if people would just read it!! Man I LOVE IT!!

Ive been thinking this week, and since i have really been focusing on how to become more like the savior in everything i do, insted of most of it, i have come to really start to understand the differencia de pride and humility. A humble person doesnt say things to make himself seem less, and a prideful person just doesnt talk about anything else other than himself. I have really come to recognize when i am being prideful, and it has really helped me! A lot of times, i honestly just cant give myself credit or accept a compliment, and i just say algo like how much better i could be doing or no thats not true, and im not being humble!! So, i am working on that, and i know that the lord will be there to help me along the way! How grateful i am for the lord, and for all that he does for me personally! I love being a minister to his children!! We have to constantly develop our talents, and look for other ways to keep using what the lord has given us, and make it better. Dont be like the man in the parable of the talents, when jesus gave him money, and when he came back, to find it burried in the earth because he was afraid to lose it all. Be lilke the others who invested in their money and gained more!

How many times have we wasted some of the oportunidades to crecer our talents? I know i have! But i also know that we all have one talent at the minimum, and we need to consistently strive to develop more! OK??  Be like nefi when the lord gave him the liahona, and after breeaking his bow, and his own father and brothers murmurring against the lord, he tood a stick and a piece of wood and went to his father and asked him "Father where should i go to find food?" What a humbling time for lehi, caught in the act of murmurring against the lord, he had to humble himself, and pray, while getting chastised by the lord and the lord then reminded him of the liahona, and they realized that the needles only functioned according to the faith, diligencia, and attencion that they put to the liahona. I know and testify that each one of us have a liahona in our lives, it is called the spirit. It only functions according to our faith, diligencia and attencion que pongamos en ella. What an incredible story, one that i really got a lot out of and hope that you do as well! Its so amazing the book of mormon!!

We had a ZOne conference this week, one of the members of the 6th quorum of the seventy came and spoke to us, Elder Smith. It was really cool! We learned about how when the lord asked peter if he loved him, and 3 times peter said yes, and then the lord said then feed my sheep forever! Being a missionary is a lifetime calling the way i look at it! Same as being a member! We all have to reamember that we can do it together, and that it is a commandment from the lord to be an example to the unbelievers. What a great great man out savior is. It is so much easier to do this when we do as DyC 27:13-18 says and put on the whole armor of God! I have a coin that i have kept with me every day of my mission in my pocket that helps me remember to put on the whole armor of god and pray always! I love you dad thank you for that!! It is so much better, you feel much happier when you have the whole armor of god on. Dont be like the lamanites when in the time of battle, were naked of armor. They were destroyed so many times because of their nakedness, and the nefitas had that armor on, they ended up all dying in the end, but i hope you get my point. When we are armed completamente, the fiery darts of the adversary will not be able to penetrate!

I was able to speak in sacrament yesterday, and i chose to speak on Desires. Everything we do starts with a desire. Our desires show us our priorities, our priorities control our decisions, and and those decisions lead to our actions. How are you with all those? I hope and pray that we can really look deep down and find out how are our desires. In the book of mormon it teaches us that our desires are most recognized by the things that we search for. So i challenge all of you to look down deep, and find out what you can change, and how you can change it. It all starts with a desire to change! I love you all, i know that the book of mormon is true, it truly is the word of god. Read it , and pray about it and i testify that you will recieve an answer that it is true!

Elder Gallego

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