Monday, May 2, 2011


Ooook!! Well, i hope everyone is all buckled up and ready to go, because this has been not only a very difficult week, but a spiritual feast for sure! Definately what i needed, and i can testify that the lord truly does answer prayers, and that if we do all that we can and take the advice from the scriptures of Ask, seek, and knock, then we will find. And we will then have the blessings of recieving personal revelation, something that makes being a missionary possible! I am so grateful for personal revelation, and the ability and trust that i have in my savior and father in heaven to go to them at any time, and ask for the things that i need. This is truly one of the many, yet very simple blessings that i have seen on my mission, and one of the major strengths to the testimony that i have of this Gospel!

To start off with a quick runndown of what happened this week so that my emails can be un poco mas entendible, i want to make sure i focus! :) So, my companion and i have started to play basketball every morning at 5, and that has really helped us both have a great boost of energy during the middle of the day! Also, we had just about the funniest tracting experience the other day. So we are outside talking to some people, and a black girl comes up to the door next to me, i say hi and stuff, and then she opens up the door and in her amazing black accent yells (which is normal for them, they dont know how to just talk theyre always yelling) anyways she yells "OH BABY DAT FISH STANK!!" hahahahahaah i didnt understand it at first, but then my comp just starts dying laughing, and i was of course so that i could act like i knew what she said and be cool- then he looks at me and says, "Did you  hear what she said?" im like uhhh kinda, but i didnt understand what she said right after OH BABY! So he told me and i laughed so hard that i almost hurled! It was so hilarious, one of those ones that you just have to be there!! ALso, i ate macorroni and cheese, i figured that could definately make it into the weekly highlight reel of Elder Gallego, seeing as how i havent ate american food in like ohh 6 months! OH!! SO i weighed myself last night at edgars....actually moroni.....and i am 173.6!! That is like 20 pounds up!! DAHHHH!!!!! I dont know where it is all going!! I seriously am not fat!! Im sure it is going somewhere, but i thought youd all like to know, that if yougo spanish speaking, BUCKLE UP!! THey love to feed the missionaries!! Also, this week we had a really cool activity with some recent converts at the park, just some sports, and a waterballoon fight, and then the heavens decided to open up on us as we were eating pizza and getting ready to teach the restauracion to some of their nonmember friends that they brought and we got soaked. When it rains here, they dont mess around. It pours!!!! Also, jonny got the priesthood yesterday!

Ok so that was a long parafo, so i thought i would start a new one! Also, thursday morning our car got broken into! They shattered the drivers side window with what looks like a car antenna...or some massive black mans fist! ANd they stole my comps GPS. So that was a pain, but idk, we were pretty calm about it! I guess thats what happens when you turn into a missionary. At home, i wouldve flipped!! But, juct cant care! We had Zone training that day as well, and so it was really annoying! But i got a lot out of zone training and it was definately something i needed to hear! They talked about the 6 D's of life, and how these 6 D's ultimately lead to a falling away. Doubt, Discouragement, Distraction, Lack of Diligence, Disobediencia, and Disbelief. I have felt like this week i have had too much doubt, i really have been letting it get to me. I am now seeing that its not always easy. We are still making progress here, but it also seems like were not. Elia, and adelphy havent answered one of our phone calls since last saturday, didnt come to church, and it has just been frustrating! I have been forgetting about how important it is to always have hope, because if we dont have hope, then we cant have faith. ANd if we have no faith, well we have nothing going for us! It is so important to always have hope, and faith. I have a lot of faith, and i know that only through trials can our faith grow, but i guess i just got so caught up in all the success that i have been having that i just sort of gave up a little when the people that we have been teaching seem to have done. It is a great lesson learned. Dont Give up. Talk to others about the problems that you have. If you keep it in, it will all just explode at once, and then it will just be a big mess. I finally got some tears out because i have been a bit frustrated with my companion and the things that havent been happening that should be happening. I am learning though and that is where the key is.

We have to realize that faith that is exercised and the answer is recieved, might not always be what we want it to be! What we want wont always match what he has planned for us. It is important to remember that the lords will is always better than ours! For that, we need to always be ready to recieve revelacion! The atonement makes this possible, and through the atonement, we can be made clean and be able to recieve those answers that we need. We have to remember to do our part if we want him to do his! Repentance is such a wonderful blessing. I wouldnt be here without it! I am so gratful for the opportunity that i have had to learn of the atonement and what it entails. I know and testify that it is real, that you can and will be cleansed of those things that burden your life every day if you just humble yourself before the lord, and ask for his help. Consider repentance like tears that fall on the outside, but wash the inside clean. It is amazing to see what happens when we truly repent! Listen to the spirit and realize that the lords ways are higher than our ways. He will never lead us astray!

ALso, i want to stress the importance of family prayer, and how it is such an essential habit to get in to. I know that i am grateful for the opportunity that i had to grow up having that opportunity. THis helps the family to grow together and understand how everyone is doing, by the things that they ask for in their prayers. That way, we can all help eachother out! That is what it is all about! Servie, love and Charity! We are nothing without those! I know and testify of the importance of these things, and know that if we rise up to our callings, and stive to fulfill them, he will give us strength to do so! I love you all and give thanks for your love and support!

Elder Gallego

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