Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well, i am still here in WIlmington!! :) i am so glad, i have so much still to do here, and i am so grateful for the opportunity to serve here for one last transfer!! First things first, it is hot. not like it is alli in the west, it is humido and like 88 degrees afuera!! It is so intense! But, i am used to being sweaty so i kind of feel at home :)

The baptism, well satan won this time. Elias ex-boyfriend just happened to show back up in her house, and decided to move in, and elia couldnt get out in time to get baptized, so she didnt get baptized. :( It was really hard, but we will be getting her in the next couple of weeks when her new apartment is finished being painted, she already finished reading el libro de mormon, so we are going to let her start reading doctrina y convenios haha crazy!! But as for rebeca, what an amazing baptismal service we had with her. It went better than expected, i was able to give a talk on baptism and it was so cool, the spirit that was there, her padre is not a member and he was really feeling it for sure! I am going to try to see if he will let us start teaching him! He is such a solid guy, he would be a great addition to the branch for sure!!

Happy Easters!!! Haha we had a great easter sunday yesterday for sure. The topic in sacrament was resurreccion and how it is such an important part in our heavenly fathers plan! It was a perfect topic, the spirit was so strong, and it really will be an easter sunday that i will never forget! We found a new person, from Honduras his name is Nelson, and he came to church dressed in a sweet suit!! I was so amazed! Most new investigators come in jeans and a t shirt, but he was all done up and lookin fresh fa sho!! (thats the way they say it around here) haha it was a great meeting, he is definately going to be one who will be good to go soon! We are looking at 10 more baptisms this transfer, which is increible!! We found a new family as well, and they all want to learn more!! It is so funny, people all think im just a white mexican now, haha a couple this week asked me what part of mexico i was from, and i was like, "oh im from puebla" they all believed me and i couldnt hold it in, they were all confused because of my last name and the spanish, i have a really, really mexican accent when i speak so it confuses everyone, but i have been working realy hard on trying to submerse myself in the culture and not be such a gringo!! So i guess it is working for sure!!

We are still teaching adelphy and her daughters, they will be getting baptized sometime later this month, they still have a lot of preparing to do and still have to attend church 3 more times!! But we had a great lesson, well i did, my companion was watching the tv the ENTIRE time, didnt say a word. Yeah, its getting a little frustrating, but anywho, i talked to her about the importance of understanding what baptism is and how if we are baptized we are literally making a covenant with God that we will be at church every sunday, unless we are honestly not able to make it, for the rest of our mortal lives. Sometimes, even i forget the significance of that and how we are going to really have to bear down and give it our all, its not going to be easy, but with the lord, all things are possible. Also, we have found a new investigator named Celene, she is a fireball, i love it!! One of the funnest ladies i have ever taught!! She is from Cuernavaca, where tylers mission is, and she and her husband are going to start with us and we will see where it goes!! Alex and leticia, the puerto ricans, we are going to be teaching them as well this coming saturday, and they will be coming to church as a family!! So that will be awesome!! I am excited to see what happens!

So, my companion and i have decided to set up a new activity, because we cant play futbol int he gym anymore, the ingles lideres say that it is too dangerous, so we started to have basquetbol on saturday mornings! We are also going to find a field outside to play futbol every thursday night! That is in the proccess though! But man i was so sore sunday morning! It was the worst! Hopefully i lost like 5 pounds!!! Oh, when i left the house, i was 155, and right now im weighn in at about ohhhhh prolly 170, maybe higher  :) its not too bad, this basquetbol is really going to help, we are starting to play every morning at like 5:30 at the church! SO i will start to trim down hopefully :) the food here is just so good!! Also, im not getting tyler or nyals emails, so could i start getting those!? And the sewells address, i need to write them!! gracias! And also, what time should i call? Our church gets out at about 1:30 here our time, which is 3 hours ahead of you, so let me know!

Well, i had a great exchange with elder hall this week, and we studied virtue out of pmg! It was great! It talks about how virtue is measured by the things that you do when nobody is around, the thoughts that you think, they way you talk, it is really something that is more important than most of us realize. The key is to always have a hymn in your head. This really has helped me every day of my mission! I really rely on the spirit of the lord to help me stay focused. SOmething else i have is a rubberband on my wrist, for every bad thought that comes into my head, my wrist gets a good snap!! It really hurts, and it really works! It totally takes you mind off of what it was thinking about and to the pain :) We all have to surround ourselves with the things and the people that will bring us up not pull us down. I am so glad to have the opportunity to learn these things, and to be here on my mission! It has been 6 months already!! It is totally nuts!!! I love this gospel with all my heart, i know that without a doubt the gospel is restored on the earth, and that if we follow it, nothing will be better. Nothing. Stay strong, live up to the potential that you have, and always remember there is someone watching you, always. I love you all!!! andele bandita!!

Elder Gallego

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