Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Well, my week was just packed!! SO much happened in so little time i just feel like my head is going to explode unless i get all this out on this email!! I got a letter from my buddy TYLER FARR this week!! It was awesome! I am going to write you back tyler!! Im glad all is well with you and hope you have been getting all my emails every week!! ANd i also got another letter from NYAL SEWELL!! Did he get moved out of the office? He wrote me from a different direccion this time so i was all confused!?

Ok so this week, well we had a sweet sports day with some of the zone last monday, and it was really fun! I needed to run aroud a bit i think im getting fat!! Haha not really, i just am being fed only about 3 times a day instead of 4 so its a little better:) We had our language training this week for the mission and i got to see Elder Kerouac!! He is doing great! His spanish was a little off, but he still knows it thank goodness!! He told me that he has lost at least 5 pounds and that he has only been fed by members twice! Haha and they have to knock doors everyday! But he is staying positive and doing great! It sure was great to see him! After a big group of us went to Gooey Looeys to get philly cheeseteaks! Man they were so good! THat is only the third one i have had on my mission, but was definately the best for sure!! It is increible to think that i have been out for 6 months in 2 days!! No manches!! I sure am loving it though, and wouldnt trade this time for anything!

On monday, i went on an exchange with my district leader, Elder Spear, until wednesday, and man it was so cool!! I learned so much from him, and he sure is such a great example of someone who has really worked hard on their mission! He is going to be one that i stay in contact with! He has one transfer left! ANd he knows the hallsteds so it will be easy :) I am glad to hear that ammon is back! THat is so crazy, i hope that he continues on in life and has some good goals in mind!! SO some cool things are happening here right now, i was told that my area, is being looked at by the whole mission, and that we as a district are doing amazing!! I didnt realize the kind of things that we were doing, i am just here doing my job, and the Assistants to the presidents told me that im being disobedient by teaching and baptizing the whole eastern U.S. haha it was pretty funny! We are going to continue working hard and doing all that i can to put all i got into every day!!

Friday, we stayed in almost all day, Elder Bingham was spewing all moring haha so i took advantage of extra study time and decided to read the last 16 chapters i had in acts, and all of romans, and 2 chapters in jesus the christ! My brain was so fried!! I looked like chandler after he has stayed up playing Wii until the sun comes up! Like a Zombie!! It was awesome though!! I love the scriptures so much and they really are helping me understand the Apostasy a whole lot more with reading the new testament! It is so informative and helpful because i am able to understand what all the other people get their beliefs from and where the confusion started! Its increible! The funniest thing, is in Acts chapter 9 there is a person named DORCAS!! HAHAHAAH i was laughing so hard!! I want to give you some homework, and hope that you take the time, but go and read ROmans chapters 12-16! They are so plain and so easy to understand, talking about the pure and simple things that we need to do as members of the church! Paul is an awesome teacher!!

It has been raining here almost every day, i hate it! But it is sure getting really green!! Ill have some good pictures! We have been doing good with all the people that we have baptismal dates with, elia is having issues of course, and satan is really trying to get her to not get baptized, but she and i had an amazing discussion por telefono that i will never forget! What an increible woman she is! I am so excited that i have the opportunity to baptize her this saturday! Her and rebeca will be the two for this week, and adelphy and her daughters will be pushed back a couple weeks because they havent made it to church 4 times yet, and that is one of the requirements to be baptized. But they will still be going strong and doing what they have to do para recieve the ordinances of salvaccion! It was so cool, yesterday there werent enough of priesthood holders to do the sacrament, so i got to bless the sacrament for the first time in spanish!! It was so cool!! Juan told me that i sounded like a chicano! THat means a half mexican half americano, haha it was a really cool experience! Moronis wife gave a great talk as well on the home and how it is so important that we have a clean home, and an environment that will invite the spirit! I am grateful that my parents taught me this priciple early in life!!

I wanted to share a thought on humility with you, before i jet to get the rest of my things done, that the ones who are humble in this life, will be the ones who will wear crowns of gloria en la vida despues! It is so importante that we as members of the church remain teachable. We will never know enough, and we always will be able to learn something new out of every situation that we come across! As we humble ourselves and seek to serve others, we will start to see and recieve those blessings that our father in heaven already has for us! Lift where you stand, and do all you can to love those around you! I love this gospel so much, i am so grateful for all that has been happening in my life, and all that will happen in the future. Alec, look it right in the face. No matter what happens, the Plan of Salvaccion is real and the lord is in every aspect of our lives. I sure do love you and will keep you in my prayers stronger than every now. I love you all as well my family, and tanner, now that you are living there, get yourself settled, and keep going in the path that the lord directs you to go! i love you all and i am so grateful for your support and example to me!! As well as all my friends! I hope all is well!! Camara pivote y yanta bandita!!

Elder Gallego

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