Monday, April 11, 2011


Que onda mi familia y amigos? Como estan?! I am doing just great here! Another amazing week of missionary work here in the Barrio of Wilmington! This place is so ghetto! Even more now that it is getting warmer and all the people are coming out and man it is just getting so crazy! I dont get it, but here people just think that it is totally ok to just walk out in the middle of the street of course without looking!! Man! Drives me CRAZY!!!! not really all that much, but i just dont understand it!

bueno, the baptism went well yesterday! Everything worked out just fine! Of course there were last minute problems, but i wont discuss those :) satan tried again, but he didnt win! I do have some news though that was really hard for me to hear, jacob and nicole smoked again...after their baptism. Nicole actually never did stop. SO that was really hard for me to hear, but i learned a very important lesson. Change is like spilled milk. You can wipe it up with a rag, but it is still going to be sticky after, it will still pull things to it to make it dirty, and then you notice it again, and have to reclean it with cleaner. Its not always just something that can happen overnight or without effort. I was really bummed about that, but it really helped me to get over it!

We got back in touch with Adelphy and her daughters this week! Her phone was broken, and that is why we never heard back from her! She is doing great, and we moved her baptismal date again to 30 de Abril!! As well as her daughters Gabbi and Angela. They are all so excited to get baptized, and i am super stoked to be able to teach this family. It is such a blessing to be a missionary! I hope i am still here for their baptism! We have transfers 24 de Abril, which i really hope i am not a part of, so pray that the lord will quedarme aqui para que pueda ensenar esta familia!!

This week, we also got these sweet videos that the church has out, its a 4 disc set of all the church videos, Joseph Smith, legacy, all of those and a ton more! I will be getting one in english to send home so that you can enjoy them! THe ones i have are in spanish :) THey are so useful, we were able to show the jose smith movie to issak and fanni and also with a couple of the members, and it was such a strong spirit. THey could understand it, and it was amazing! I love Spanish speaking people!! ALso, mom if you could send me out some more garments, the number for the tops is 4172000 and those need to be Mediums, and the number for the bottoms is 4142000 and that size is a 32. If you have any questions, just call the mission office and i can talk to sister schaefermeyer if i need to! :) Thank you! it is starting to get hot here, and the elders here say that those mesh ones that i sent home are horrible for the heat and humidity here. THey are really prone to giving rash and all that i would prefer NOT to take that route :)

My interview with president Schaefermeyer went great! I love talking to that man! It is such an incredible feeling of the spirit everytime that i talk to him!! I wish we had interviews every week!! I shared with him how the scripture that has changed my life is Eter 12:27 and there were about 10 other elders who had also picked that scripture!! It was a way cool experience. He has always told us that it is better to be trusted than to be loved, and in my interview he told me he trusted me, and that that was the highest compliment that he could give to me. It meant so much to me. It feels so good to be trusted :)

This week i also finished the book our search for happiness, and started on Jesus the Christ! MAn that book is so good! I have a hard time putting it down!! I am into chapter 8 now and i cant wait to see what more that book brings! Jesus CHrist is incredible! I love the Gospel!!!!!!!!! We had exchanges this week with the spanish trainers for our mission, Elder Morrison and Elder Osorio! It was really good! I was with elder morrison, and we had some really fun lessons! It is so amazing how much i have learned in so little! The gift of tongues is truly real! I set some goals with him about how i am trying to work on accepting compliments, and continually working on humility. I get told a lot that my spanish is really good, and i have a hard time saying thank you. I just say that i am trying and, yeah. I am just really awkward about it for some reason. So i am working on that!!

Yesterday, we had an amazing testimony meeting, and i had the opportunity to see Jacob, Issak and Fanni all get up and bear their testimonies. I felt like a father for about 15 minutes. I am seeing the fruits of my labors here, and i would really hate to be transfered! It was a good experience not only for them, but for me. To see what i have been able to do as a missionary. I got up and bore my testimony and i have never felt the spirit of the lord so strong in my entire life. I will never forget these people no matter what happens. Issak actually went into president barton, our branch president, office and was asking him if there was anything that he could do to keep me here. I wasnt in there for this, but they brought me in after and president barton told me what issak had asked, and he explained to him that he was going to email the mission president to tell him that i have done a good job and that they want to keep me around. Issak is also going to write the mission president. I explained to him that in the end, its between the lord and President Schaefermeyer. So we will see. I sure do love issak and i really feel like i have another younger brother. I have never felt so much love for so many people including my family and those who i know in my entire life. Charity is such a wonderful thing!

My mission means everything to me. It has changed just about every aspect of my life so far, at least that i can think of. I am getting lost in learning, teaching, and sharing the gospel with those around me. It has become a part of me. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Jesucristo is our savior and redeemer. He gave his life for us, and all he asks is that we not only keep his commandments, but live them. It is so important to be that example to those around you that will help them become better people. Those of you thinking about leaving on missions, or those of you who want to go, prepare now. Dont wait till your 18 or 19. The lord needs you. You agreed before you came down to this earth to help him gather the rest of his children to hear the gospel. THat is our job, and we need to fulfill it! Pray diariamente, and read the scriptures with Predicad Mi Evangelio. These standard works have changed my life. I am so grateful for the atoning sacrifice of the lord. The opportunity that each one of us has to repent and come unto him. Dont wait. Change now, because you might not have another day to put off. I hope and pray that you all know how much i love and am grateful for each and every one of you! I hope that my mission is not only changing my life, but in some way shape or form, changing yours as well :) I love you all, Se cuida y siga firme en el evangelio de Jesucristo.

Elder Gallego

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