Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Well, i wont lie at all, that was really hard hearing all my family yesterday! I definately needed that good boost of encouragement and love and just the great support my famiily is! I know that families are so important and that they are the only way that we can learn the correct principles that we need to know in this life! Heavenly father has sure blessed me with a perfect family! Thank you all so much for that yesterday! I didnt want to hang up, but you gotta do what you gotta do!! I cant wait until i get to call back again in 7 months! Chandler and alec both sound older than i do, especially alec, he sounds like dad!! Alyssa, you sound like mom. Dad, you sound a little different, i dont know why, tanner...well you still have your same high squeeky voice :) And Grandma, i loved hearing your voice again!! It has been so long!! Trevor, you sound like trevor!! Just the little goofball you are!! :) I sure do love all of you and am so grateful for all of your love and support that you constantly give me and all of the great things that we tallked about yesterday! It was definately something that will hopefully carry me over for the next 7 months!!

Ok so to the rest of the world who reads this, i am doing great!! well, i am now! So i ended up in the hospital on friday morning at about 4:30, had some crazy allergic reaction to something, and i left the hospital worse than i came in! But i am not going to get into details, i am still alive and breathing so that is good! :) I do testify of the power of the priesthood and the power of healing that those blessings are! I am so grateful to have that blessing in my life and for the opportunity i have to be a witness of its healing power! Definately the most pain i have ever been in my entire life, and i am so glad that it is over!! ALso i did hear about osama bin laden, that was pretty cool, lets hope that we dont get bombed again or something because i am over here on the east coast, a lot closer than all you out west!!

The work here is kind of like a roller coaster, its up and down, but the downs are just normal from what i have been told. My whole mission so far has been just crazy busy, that i havent known what its like to not be packed every day all day! We are making a lot of efforts with trying to find new people and get done what we can with the ones that we had progressing. Elia has not been returning our calls since her baptismal date fell through, so that has been a really hard hump for me personally to get over. It is so hard to see someone progress so fast, and read the whole libro de mormon and then not be able to get baptized, and then have no contact at all. It has been something that i will have to keep working on, i have to keep reminding myself that it isnt what i want to happen, but what the lord already has planned. His ways are always bettter than ours! I know and testify of that to be true!!

Adelphy and her daughters are also being a little ohh whats the word in english, well its floja in spanish, whatever that means in english. They havent been keeping our appointments and her daughters want to be baptized, but it just seems like now it is adelphy who has got some concerns, which is great, i just wish that she would tell us! It makes us more sad when people just dont tell us why they dont want to see us, instead of them just telling us! Just tell us so we can know! But, its all a matter of time, and patience. Remember change isnt easy, and it cant happen over night!! I surely am blessed as a missionary thoguh, and i am trying to make sure that every day i am giving thanks to the lord for all of the many blessings that i have! We are also still making some slow but little progress with Victor Perez, the eternal investigator, and now his sister, Maria! She asked for a blessing this past week for her shoulder, and it was a really cool experience! They didnt show up to church, but we will keep them in our sights! I feel like the lord has some plans for them real soon!!

We have been making some really great progress with the new family, Angelica and Vicente. They have 2 sons also, Alexis and Oscar! They are very interested, and are actually a referral from a brand new recent convert and her two children that are alexis' age! So we had a great lesson with them about the restoration and i asked them to set a baptismal goal, i have figured that the word "goal" works better from the start than a date. But they said that they didnt want to commit just yet, and that they would pray and read the book of mormon as a family and have an answer for us this coming friday! So i am super excited to see them again! They are so ready to recieve the blessings of this gospel and all of the great things that come from following and Living the commandments of god!

Yesterday, our lesson in Gospel priciples was about Lucas 15- and how in that story, it gives two great parables! The lost sheep and the prodigal son. It is so important to always remember that nobody is ever lost. They have to just be led back to the path. There is no such thing as someone who is just "hopeless" or just not worth talking to! This is eternal life that we are talking about here!! It is always worth trying to help someone come back to what they had before. I know that i am so grateful for those that helped me find the path again, because i was one of those wandering sheep, that needed a little help to come back to reallity. And i am so grateful for the support that i recieved and most importantly, just the love of those around me. If we show people how much we really do love them, then they will have a desire to change. But if we just tell them they have to change or have to do this or that, they have no reason. I have really found it a great finding tool as a missionary to ask for those that might need a little bit of help in their life! The simple acts of Charity, love and service have been so helpful for  me, though i wish i could do more service, i have really enjoyed being able to see the light of christ in those people, and see their desire to do better! It is our job as members to be those that help bring everyone back to the fold. To gather all of the sheep that have gone astray.

I hope and pray that each one of us can find those that might need just a little more love, and give it to them. Show them that you really want to be a part of their life and see their happiness, and i promise that you will be able to see the sucess! I am so grateful for the many blessings that i have been given as a missionary and as a member of this church! I hope and pray that all of you are doing great,a nd know how grateful i am for all that you have done to help me! Thank you for everything! Mom, Happy Birthday on Wednesday, and i love you!!

Elder Gallego

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