Thursday, June 2, 2011


Well, looks like i will be heading on my way out of Wilmington, DE. Well.....atleast thats what i think...hahah just got an email from president saying that he has a "special assignment" for me to complete!!! I am ready for the next chapter of my mission!! I cant wait to see what happens! We will be finding out on thursday night if we are getting transfered, and by the comment that president made, i imagine that i will be leaving seeing as how i have been here for 6 months now, but its possible to stay!! :)

This past week has been rough, but definately very rewarding!! I had the most successful day of my mision with my great district leader, Elder Spear! He leaves to go home on tuesday!! Cant believe he is already done! The hallsteds know them, so i am sure you will be getting to know him!! We taught 12 lessons on wednesday!! That is definately incredible!! I didnt realize we had taught that much until we were sitting down at the end of the day and planning for the next day and we were both mind-blown!! It was really cool, because my focus for that exchange was to find new people and we found 5 new people to teach!! One of them, is Rebecca Anzurez father, Jesus, and it was so incredible!! Missionaries have been trying so hard to teach him, but that is the problem!! I had a great trainer, who taught me how to get to know people, before you try to tell them that everything that they have believed in their whole life is wrong. I have been really putting myself in others' shoes while we teach and realizing how all of this sounds, and how crazy it is!!

Well, with jesus, we sat down, and got to know him! He told us his stories of how his parents passed away, and how he and all of his brothers crossed the border, and all this, im thinking to myself, man this guy is so awesome, then he decides to tell us that he has been really thinking lately and through the example that we have set at his house teaching rebecca (the last person i converted) which is his daughter, that he thinks it is time to get baptized!! I almost freaked!! The spirit bore witness right then and there of how this is the only true and living church on the face of this earth today. Jesus is going to be solid here in a couple of weeks,and we will be finding out what it is he wants! Also, we found a couple other families, and a honduran lady named Sunia Madrid. She and her husdband, they will be awesome!! we will see where that goes, she really is interested in how we believe and claim to have a living profeta on the earth today with the same power and authority that jesucristo had!! It was way cool!!

So it has been really hott here, like 99 yesterday and about 80% humidity!! I shaved my head!! :) yeah looks real good, and feels so awesome!! Some quick highlights so that i can get my brain cleared a little bit, we will be volunteering at a center where they teach english for free monday and wednesday in the mornings, we remodeled a house on friday, tore out all the carpet, taks, painted, everything!!! It was so awesome!! I am still sore!!!! Basketball was great on saturday, and yesterday. Played hardcore, almost dunked it!! (ill send home the video) but yeah, i got rim-stuffed hardcore when i tried that...its all good!! ELder Bingham threw out his back and has been having issues, so that is a pain, we found a sweet new family at church on sunday that just came from utah and wants to be baptized!!

Ok, so now that i can think a little better, we taught victor perez, the dominican this week about why the lamanities had a curse upon their skin, that blew his mind, and mine as well.. :) i love that...and he now understands who the native americans are and even who he is!! I wont get too into that, its really crazy!! A man named marcus came up to us on the street, asked for a book of mormon, and decided to read it!! He is with the english missionaries, and i am really excited to see where that goes!! District meeting this week was way cool, we all shared our testimonies with one another about the book of mormon and why it is so important in our lives, i felt the confirming power of the spirit so strong!! Fanni, she went to do baptisms for the dead at the temple on saturday, and she told us about the amazing experience and spirit that she felt, so that was awesome as well!!

This week i learned that we arent really finding people, we are just meeting people that the lord has already prepared!! It was so cool to know that!! And that obedience is like a pen. It only works the way we want it to if our hand is using it and guiding it in the direction that it needs to go. Like the spirit!!!!! Be obedient and you will have that spirit as your constant guide and companion!! As it says in 3 Nefi 9:14-19 cristo tells us to come to him, and in him we will find eternal life and joy and how he is the only way!! I know and bear testimony that that is the only way to it. We have to look for him, do what we need to do, and endure to the end to recieve the desired blessings. It all starts with a desire!!

I am so grateful for this opportunity that i have to be a missionary. I am excited to see what happens on monday for sure, hopefully i train!! I love you all, and im sorry that this email is just crazy as all ever, but my time is running out!! I love you all so much!

Elder Gallego 

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