Monday, June 13, 2011


well, i got a whole 19 minutes to get all this out in an email, so lets see how i do!

First off, i have already met at least one person here from every spanish speaking country on the earth!!! Crazy huh?! It is a melting pot here that is for sure! Ive also met people from haiti, greece, republic of georgia, congo, africa portugal and all!!! It is so crazy!!! there are so many chinese people here, and india people!! It is really a crazy blend!!

SO i am serving in a district, and we have a native, who is awesome, and i am also in the same district as elder cook!! He and i had a blast on thursday talking about AZ. I need a GPS. My comps broke, and i figured, well its my bday soon and ill need one anyway when he leaves in 5 weeks so yeah...hook me up please? :)

It is so crazy here, people are seriously out of their mind, i heard some guy walking past us singing how he was going to hang himself with an extension cord, they open the firehydrants in the middle of the city if they are hot, and play in it, there are metal detectors in every school, there is so much trash here, we could fill a landfill in AZ, and thats all in the middle of the road and all over the sidewalks, and we live above some crazy chinese discount store in a little shack!! it is so ghetto!!

But, now that ive got that out, i have really had a lot of fun. Its been a bit wierd adjusting to the area and my comp. He goes days without saying a word to me, it is really hard!! I mean, normally i can get someone to talk, but him, not working!! and when i give him some advice to go somewhere or do this or that, its as if he didnt even hear me. Ive never felt so lonely in my life!!!! So, i am really really praying that something gets him to crack!! Im not going to stop though!!

We did a ton of tracking on the streets it was really like my only release. I love sharing the gospel with random people!! its something that i have really grown to love here because we really werent out of the car a whole ton in wilmington! but man it is so different here!! I have been so amazed at how much this world is changing, and not for the good. Its so sad seeing people who are just totally lost, and they are looking for something to help them! We met a guy, Carlos, he is a friend of a less active coming back member named elvys and he has had a really hard time with alcohol and has lost his wife over it. Well i told him that the only way to get her back is to change, and that the book of mormon, repentance, faith and baptism are the only way to do it!! As well as recieving the gift of the holy ghost! He accepted a baptismal date for the 7th de agosto!! Totally made my week!

Then yesterday, a lady came up and said to me i have 3 kids who want to be baptized! I was like uhh ok i can help with that! :D it was amazing! We prayed in the empty baptismal font on thursday for district meeting to be blessed with prepared people to convert, and the miracles are already happening!! I love how fast our heavenly father answers our prayers if we put all of our faith in him!

It is so important to understand that no matter what we are going through, the gospel of jesucristo has an answer!! It is so key to everyone, and it is so important for us as members to help them understand that importance!! I know it is true. It is a part of me now and it will never change! I know that it is the only way to get back to him. We have to do what he askes, if we want what we want. He is offering eternal life!! Why not give it our all?

P.S. there are fireflies here!! And my new address is 4704 Longshore Ave. Apt. B Philadelphia, PA 19135- dont send packages here, send them to the mission office. Too ghetto here!! I love you all so much!!

Alma 32:28-30- read it, apply it, live it!!

Elder Gallego

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