Wednesday, June 8, 2011


well, i did get transfered, which really was hard, but i am now in North Philadelphia!! ANd man,i live in the ghetto!!! It is so cool though. SO i really dont have very much time at all, 15 minutes to write this email, so i am going to just get down to business and hopefully next week i will be able to have more time.

we had some good fun this last week with basketball, and finding more people to teach and really just grinding it out to the end!! I am really excited to get a new companino though! I havent had a comp study in 3 weeks because mine doesnt get up!! But i will move forward!!

So, leaving wilmington, ill never forget my first area. 6 months there changed my life, and now i am on a special assignment from the mission president to help my new companion, elder freeman, finish his mission! He has just this transfer to go, so i have been asked to help him become more excited, and just end his mission on a high note! He is a convert to the church, 3 years now, and he is awesome. I can already tell that it wont be really easy, but i know that through the charity of the lord, that i can help him and do what i need to do. We will be great together! I am really excited!

so i still have no idea what my new address is but i will be writing a letter home today, so hopefully you will get that soon. I have to get to know this area really well, because i will be taking it over in 6 weeks! We have a car, speaking of which is a brand new subaru imprezea, pretty sweet, but it is a walking area as well, and man there are so many people here!! Its a melting pot for sure! I am in the spring garden ward, which is on of only 2 hispanic wards in the mission!! I guess they get an average of 300 people a week! ANd none of them are mexican! :( so i will be learning some new spanish for sure!! I will always remember the mexican accent though :) there are a lot of people from south america and a ton of puerto ricans and dominicans!! SO i am really excited!!

Something i would just like to leave with is my burning testimony that this church is true. God lives and he lovess each and every one of us. There is no greater feeling than knowing that he always knows how to help us, and that through the atonement of his son jesucristo, we can be cleansed of our sins and become clean again. I know that i am here called by god, i know that only through the priesthood power and authority given from him to me, and all priesthood holders, that miracles happen, lives are changed, and testimonies are strengthened. It is so important to read the book of mormon, how true it really is. Through reading that book, we will come to know our heavenly father so much better, and through his love we can succeed all things. There is no doubt in my mind that this is where i am supposed to be. Even though it is hard to leave my family in wilmington, i am needed elsewhere, and i am so excited for this next 6 weeks with my new companion! Thank you all for your support and love! I will make sure i get more into my email next week when hopefully i have more time!!

Elder Gallego

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