Wednesday, December 1, 2010

19 Days Left in the MTC!

Ok so its been snowing all week long and is right now! its so cold outside!! I love it! Everyone thinks im weird cuz i love the snow so much! haha i dont care though i love it!!
So it has been a very good week to say the least!! Thanksgiving was amazing! Elder Holland came and spoke with us about being grateful for everything that we have in our lives and how it is so important for us to really make sure we show the people who are most important in our lives how grateful we are!! So Family, i said it las week, but i am so grateful for everything you have sacrificed, done, provided for, and all the love that you constantly show me.  It means so much to me!!
Mom, for the christmas package, i could use some cool scarfs?? i love scarfs so that sounds like a fair enough christmas present? I dont know what else i need haha. I do need you to send the missionary books, the jesus the christ, true to the faith, our search for happiness, and our heritage in that box to the mission home! I will need those! but actually, ill just get some in spanish here before i leave theyre like 2 dollars! I pretty much do everything in spanish now so typing this is really hard!!!!
Im about to finish the Docttrine and covenants today!! I love it! I have been a reading fool the whole time ive been here!! I have learned so much about the doctrine of christ and how much it impacts my life. I have found that since i have really been studying hard and trying to focus on the teachings and whisperings of the spirit, i am driven to prayer, so that i may understand what my father in heaven is trying to teach me in that very moment! D&C 84:85. I absolutely love this gospel so much and i am so grateful for the things i have learned here. I Got a prayer journal 4 days ago...what an amazing blessing that has been for me!! So before i say my prayers at night, i write what questions i have in black pen, and leave a couple lines under each one. Then as i say my prayers, i ask heavenly father to help me understand and to answer those questions. As i finish, i get a blue pen and answer the questions with the imediate answers that heavenly father has given me! It has worked!! Heavenly Father will answer our prayers if we show him that we have faith! I testify that this is true and that i know that our heavely father lives and loves each and every one of his children here on the earth!!
I really havent done a whole lot of new things this past week other than become really close to my companions and the members in my zone!! I have been able to testify to a couple about the importance of using the atonement and how it has impacted my life a lot!! I have seen that too many missionaries have come out here not clean, and its really sad because they have to go through the temptations and the trials of those burdens that have not been lifted off of them and i cant imagine why anyone would come out here and go right back home. It  hasnt happened yet, but there are some missionaries who have talked to me and all i can say is what i know works, and if they use it then good but its just hard to see them here. I know that the atonement is real and im so grateful for it and the way it has blessed my life! it is so amazing that our brother, Jesucristo suffered for our sins, and not only that, he suffered for all the dissapointment, depression, grief, sorrow, happiness, joy every emotion we go through in life, he has sufferd for. I am so grateful for that and for all the blessings that i have recieved through being worthy and showing my Heavenly Father that im all his for the next 2 years!!
I love you all my family, i hope you got my letters i sent home, and i hope you understand how much you all individually mean to me!! Mom, i love and miss you more than i can explain!! I cant wait to call you! i dont know if i will have that much time, but ill get at least 20 min im sure. If not ill talk to you 5 days later anyway. Dad, i miss you like no other. I miss cracking jokes, and just being able to talk to my dad. I miss my dad. I am so grateful for you and mom and the drive and the work ethic you helped me build. It is definately paying off!! Boys, keep doing well, and keep writing me!! I miss you two dorks more than ever!! And alyssa and trevor!! I miss you two a lot, keep writing me and alyssa, ask dad if i can get you a shirt money is tight. theyre 7 dollars so let me know!! and granny and the rest of the family, I miss you all so much and love you more than you know!! My friends, derek and dan, i need you two to write me back!!! I need dereks address so write that in my dear elder today please! The orthodics are getting made today and im excited for them! My feet are so flat and they will fit in all my shoes dad! Thank you!!!
I love you all so much and miss you all more than you know!!
Elder Gallego

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