Friday, December 17, 2010

12/15/10 - Last Email in the MTC!!!

Hola Mi familia!! Ok so i leave on tuesday the 21st not monday! Its gay but its whatever i leave at 3 in the morning and ill be able to call home at around 10 your time maybe earlier depending on when the flight gets in so get ready!! :)

My orthodics are amnazing and they work so good!! My feet havent hurt since i got them!! so thank you very much!!

I want a new set of scriptures for christmas!! Either black or green! THe Genuine leather too  not the crappy plastic leather and Have it engraved with Elder Matthew Gallego that would be pretty sweet!1 And i will need a new backpack this one that trevor gave me would work but only as a side bag and i dont like it that way so a new backpack would be sweet as well for christmas! And a new CTR Ring size 9 1/2. The boys know which one it is so have them go with you!

Happy Birthday Chandler!!!! Im stoked that you are finally 16!! Go out and date lil bro!!! :) hahaha i cant even picture him dating it is going to be so weird!! Im sending a package home on monday with his present in it as well as alecs and alyssas so keep an eye out for a package arriving about next thursday or friday!!

Im mad that you still didnt get my big letter i wrote everyone a letter and put it in the same envelope and if it hasnt gotten to you yet then im sure they lost it so that makes me really upset. :(

Well other than that, i will need $100 cash and $100 on my card for when i leave on tuesday so i will take the money out of my acct tomorrow so dad if you could load it up again that would be great then put $100 back on the card that would be great!! THank you so much and i love you!! Remember i get reimbursed for the baggage fees so i wont be spending any money really cuz they put it back in my pocket!! Sweet huh?!

SO this past week has been crazy!! DIligence DIligence Diligence is all that is on my mind!! I am so excited to get out of this place it has been so amazing though for me to learn the things that i have learned here though!! Im so grateful for the many opportunities i have had to grow and learn the spanish language!! I speak it all the time and i love it!!! It is the best thing ever!! Oh i bought leather gloves here for $10 the other day so dont worry about getting me any! It is snowing right now finally it has been so hot this past 2 weeks!!!

THe devotional last night was great and it talked a lot about using our agency to the best of our abiltity and to be smart in the choices that we make. I have a very powerful testimony of this and i know that it is true. Agency is so key in our lives. It is because of Agency that we are here on this earth today! Without adam and eve taking the fruit then we wouldnt be able to live so im so grateful for them and the agency that they used!!

I am so grateful to be a missionary it is the best thing that has ever happened to me and i wouldnt change anything!! I will be coming home with no Regrets!! Sont worry!! I cant wait to speak to others and share my burning testimony with them! I know i will kill it out there and i cant wait to get therer!!! I loove you all, sorry its so short, but thats all i gotta say for this week!! Merry christmas and i will talk to you all in 6 days!! :)

Elder Gallego

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