Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Hola mi amigos y mi familia! Como estan?! Hace muy frio Hoy!! haha just kidding with you all i guess i can type in english but its lame!!
Ok so for all who dont know where i am, i am in Wilmington, Delaware!! I kno right?! Crazy!! i had the option to go to North Philly which is the most dangerous part of the mission or to come here and i guess they threw me in here!! It snowed like crazy last night and there is some intense wind!! Its like 30 degrees out too so its kinda cold but not really cuz im used to it after being in Utah for the past 2 months!! Speaking of which, i almost didnt get out of there because of all the snow!! But thank goodness i did cuz man i couldnt take another day in the MTC. Like serioiusly, after 9 weeks of gas, the same food, and the same thing every day, my ADHD was in overdrive and ready to break away!! hahaa esta loco no?!
So i am here now after a very long flight, well a stop in dallas, almost missed the plane to philly, but then that night i ate 2 philly cheese steaks, and they will be my last ones for the rest of my mission hopefully!! But its all good now!! THe mexican food here is really good, and i will be coming home showing all of you how to make REAL mexican food!!
SO my companion, Elder Kerouac, is a new member, only been a member for almost 2 1/2 years! Heck he has learned more about the gospel in Spanish than he has in english!! Crazy right?! He is a stud though!! He has been out 15 months and speaks the language pretty well!! I found out as well that i apparently speak really good! Heck the jerk took me the first night on an "appointment" and i was so stoked!! THe girl was receptive but her husband was a Jehovahs Witness thingyy so i was really excited to see what this was gonna all be like! He told me that we are going to teach him the first lesson and that he is going to use me a little here and there, which i said no let me talk i can understand! 
So the lesson goes and goes and its like 40 min in and keep in mind, this is all really super fast spanish this guy is saying, but me being the pro i am :) haha just kidding, but anyways, he flippin starts reciting the Articles of Faith in Spanish! I was like waiiiit, something is not right here, and then he looked at me and said, Que paso elder? Esta bien, Estoy el lider de Elders! I was like youre the elders quorum president?!! You have got to be kidding me!! HAha my companion tricked me on my very first night!! But he and Edgar (the elders quorum/Jehovahs wittness(sometimes :))) said that i did so good!!! Cuz i answered all the questions and everything!! I screwed up twice though and said that i hate my mormon neighbors, and that we worship Joseph Smith hahahahhhaahah but other than that i did Great!! I was stoked to hear that cuz i thought i did really bad!! 
But that is that, CHristmas was great and i found out that mexicans LOVE To feed the elders!! We ate 5 meals that day cuz we werent allowed to go out and proselyte so we were in eating at 4 different houses!! Man o man was the food good but i felt like i gained about 20 pounds!! Fyi..Mexicans dont like beans and rice all that much, thats the Puerto Ricans and Dominicans! Mexicans also eat everything with corn tortillas ya know like the little ones..so yeah! 
But i have been going all sorts of places so far, but havent had the chance to Use my mode of transportation yet, a bike!!! :))) Now i really wont get fat!!! hahaah there is a bunch of snow from last night now so our plans for this week are kinda shot until the snow melts all off the sidewalks. Man i love Black People!! THere were 2 of them outside yellin about kobe this morning at like 7:30 haah i was laughing so hard cuz they sound so like crazy!! Im not used to it but i will be by the end of the mission for sure!!
Church Yesterday was way sweet i saw nyals uncle and get this....like 28 people in sacrament ahahaah we have some work to do! Everyone here is illegal and so they have a hard time trying to decide whether they want to be a member and stay here or just go back to mexico, and its really annoying!! THere are about 30 couples who are active some, the others less active, and they havent been sealed for some reason!! Its ridiculous! ANd most of the men dont have the priesthood which is really frustrating cuz they kinda need it to be sealed and then they need to use it and be active in church before the sealing even becomes a thought. Also all the less actives, oh my heavens there are so many!! And if we can get them active, we could have some baptisms out of it, but i personally dont want to baptize anyones kids their fathers need to get the priesthood and be active first or the children will have no support system at home and just fall away. SO we have some work, but like in Luke 1:37 For With God, All things are Possible!
God is on my side for sure and i pray every day for the ability to find the people i need to and to be able to bless the lives of many. I hope that i get the opportunities to learn even more of the language as well more and more comes each and every day and i am so excited to get to the point where i dont need to use english anymore!! :) I love you all so much and am so very grateful for all of your prayers for me. But what i need you to do is to pray that the lord with guide me to the hearts of those that are ready and willing to submit their will to the lords will. ANd also i challenge everyone to read the book of mormon by March 1st this coming year! If you do i know for a fact, that it will bless your life and that you will have a more firm understanding of the knowledge that comes to one when he/she studies it out and really tries to apply what is being said in that book. I am so grateful for the opportunity i had to talk to you family!! Sorry i talked so much but i hoped you enjoyed it! I love being out here and i love being a missionary!! I love spanish and am beginning to become very close with the families already!! Especially the less actives and non members we play soccer with in the church gym on thursday nights. THey are really sweet great people that are just looking for the right direction to go, and i know that through my efforts, prayer, and consistent diligence i can do that for them and the doctrine of Christ will be what they will look up to. I love it. Every Second of it. Heck i super cleaned the apartamento today and i loved it!! And went grocery shopping, and got stamps, and i loved it!! It is so much fun out here and i know without a doubt in my mind that I have been called here by God and that when i am diligent and use my faith always, then he will bless me always, and i have seen those blessings in my life. 
I hope you all had a very wonderful christmas and always remember what the true meaning of christmas is. The Savior, Jesucristo. He gave his life for us, and we need to do all we can to give ours to him. He will lead us in the right direction always, and all we have to do is follow his light, la luz de Cristo, and he will never lead us away from it.
Pray for a miracle this week, heck every day, and i PROMISE that you will get a miracle. I have recieved a miracle every day out here and i will keep recieving them if i am diligent and always use my faith.
This church is true, the Savior and His father live, and the Spirit is real. Never doubt whether a prompting you get to do something was from the spirit or if it was just your mind. If you are following the commandments and heeding to the words of the prophets, and being worthy to take that sacred sacrament every week, those promptings are never you. It is always the spirit. It will never lead you astray, Ever. 
I love you all so much, and i am grateful once again for all the support from my family, i love you all idividually, and my friends whom i miss dearly. Keep follwing the straight and narrow path and the lord will always bless you. Have a happy new year, and i love you all and miss you all!! 
Vi una columna de luz, mas brillante que el sol. Directamente arriba de mi cabeza, y esta luz gradualmente desendio hasta descansar sobre mi...Al reposar sobre mi la luz, Vi en el aire arriba de mi, a dos personajes. Cuyo fulgor y gloria, no admitten descripcion. Uno de ellos me hablo, llamandome por mi nombre, y dijo, senoladro al otro..Este es mi Hijo Amado! Escuchalo!
THe first vision without all the accents that are missing sorry! But i know that this happened. It is because of joseph smith that we are here today! ALways remember that! I love you all!!
Elder Gallego

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