Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12 Days Left!

alright this seriously has been the best week of my life!!!! Dad did you all not get the fat letter i sent home? I sent all the letters in one envelope and i sent it last thursday? so you should have gotten them by now it bothers me that you havent!! Im stoked to see what you all sent me for christmas! I heard that Philly just got hit hard with snow?? Whats the temperature like up there? I am buying little things here and there that are needed for my mission. Like binders and stuff and good study materials. I gotta stock up on the 40% discount while i can!! They only give us $6 a week on the blue card that we have and that normally runs out quick cuz we use the vending machines. But im saving mine the next 2 weeks so that next saturday i can get as much stuff with that card without using my own money. Im going to get 2 more journals cuz they are only $4 here and theyre the nice missionary journals!! Anywho....the Spanish is so BOMB!!! I am basically an almost fluent/not really! haha meaning right now i know so much spanish untili get out to Philly. I am so excited to get out there!! Trevor, i hope your doin better buddy!!! i love you bud! .
 I am going to get my orthodics today at 10 so im really excited for that! Im sorry i have flat feet but thats what dress shoes all day every day do and my feet are really important!! :) THank you mommy and daddy!! ALec, alyssa, and chandler, i am sending you all shirts, so get excited!!! I am also going to be sending a tape from my tape recorder so alyssa hopefully you have yours still form trevors mission?!! London i am sending you one too so go out and get one if you dont have one that way you can listen to it!! :) I need some more ties these ties are getting boring! SO if you see a tie sale, hook it up!! Can you send my black paisley tie? I need that one it is my favorite! :) SO on Fast sunday i got up and bore my testimony for about 8 min all in spanish!! It was so sweet!! The espiritu was so storng!! It was such a great strenghener for me! One of my goals since i have been here and for my whole mission is to never miss an opportunity to bear my testimony and i havent yet!! :) I love this gospel so much and i cant wait to talk to you all on the 20th!! I dont know what time i will call yet until i get my travel plans which will be this week sometime!! :) ill let you know through a letter or next p day! :) Ok so last night we had a speaker from the first quorum of the 70, and it was the best talk i have heard here at the MTC. His main focus was on how we can come to know, personally, our savior Jesus Christ. It was so good i took 5 pages of notes!!!! Him and his wife talked about how theyre 9 year old mentally dissabled son asked them one day if they knew Jesus. WHat a powerfull question!! I put myself in his shoes and thought about how would i answer that question if i was asked it and i thought to myself, I hopwwe can all lean from this and understand how much our savior really wants us to take the time to get to know him and  how can i learn more about him? my computer typer is getting all jacked up right now so im sorry if this email totally is retarded i hit a button and its being retarded!!  I love my heavenly father so much and i know that he lives. I know that if we just take the time to personally know him that we will be blessed and that he will give us opportunities to learn of him. We need to have faith and we need to help others know that he lives. i am so excited for the field. THere is still much for me to know but i kknow that he will bless me with the knowledge that i need to know more about him and his atoning sacrifice for me. THe more i learn about the atonement, the more i want to share his message with others. I finished D&C on sunday so i am going to start reading the new testament now!! I love you all and i cant wati to see you again!! Elder Gallego

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