Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Que transita por sus venas mi familia y amigos?! Haha i am turning into such a chilango out here with all of these mexicans hahaah i love it!! This week, man so much happened and time is literally flying out here!! I cant believe it is already Abril ya! Esta loco!!! Bueno..
Well to start off, the baptism went great yesterday!! Satan sure did try to stop it though...I was sick all week with some sort of stomach issue, i dont really know what it was, because i didnt go to the know how i am. I ate something on tuesday, and until yesterday, i literally was in pain all week. It felt like someone was squeezing my stomach, it was horrible! I didnt sleep at ALL on tuesday night, not even 10 minutes. It was the worst! I got a blessing the next morning from Elder Bingham, and that worked. Everytime we had an appt, right when we walked in the door, i felt fine. But right as we left, the pain came back! It was so annoying! I didnt want to go to the doctors because i knew it was just not worth it, and because im stubborn. Next time i will be going, but i feel fine now. I think i have lost a good 10 pounds though, but as of right now i feel perfect!
But back to the baptism, so Jacob calls us at like 8:30 saturday night and says that his car broke down on the freeway, so he wont have a ride for his baptism, and then yesterday morning, he calls at like 8, keep in mind his baptism starts at 9, and says that he left his baptismal clothing in his car and its on the side of the freeway...sooooo we book it out of the church, go get his key, drive all the way down the 95 to the 141 and get his clothes and bring them back to the church. Get there at like 8:45, and he doesnt have a ride, so we call alfonso and he goes to grab him and they finally showed up at about 9:30. Sooo to make this story shorter, we had the baptisms! It was great! I had to dunk nicole 2 times because she did the classic foot in the air haha, and then jorge ramirez baptized jacob! It was a very great spiritual experience, and now their 8 year old son wants to be baptized! I also had the opportunity to confirm Nicole in sacrament, and it was so crazy! So i started off in spanish and then like halfway through her blessing i switched like on the spot to english! It totally freaked me out! But man was the spirit there! I will never forget that experience! They will be such a great family, and such strong members!
So as of right now, we are busy as ever! We will be having the baptism of Jonny Vasquez in 2 sundays, and Elia and Rebecca 2 weeks after that!! The work here is progressing so much and the Lord is in it all! We have been making some good progress with Mario Tequianes this past week. He asked me to give him a blessing so that his urge to do really bad drugs will go away, and that was a really cool experience! Heck, the guy is finally progressing! He will have a date hopefully this week as well as the puerto Rican family of 4 that i talked about in my last letter! Oh! David and Yaneli also accepted Baptismal dates! For the 14 de Mayo! As of right now we will be having Adelphy and her two daughters on that date too! SO we are making good progress with everyone! It is so increible!!
Oh man! On tuesday there was this wicked crazy police investigation that was going on right as we left marios house after the blessing! Our car got boxed in and we couldnt leave so we stood around, and there was like 10 cop cars and a huge S.W.A.T. van there with all the guys totally decked out in M5 Machine guns and all this stuff! Some Mexican went in and tried to rob some house and there was a 15 year old girl in there and he had a gun to her head! And we found out that the guy was like an expert with explosives and so they had to get all the gas shut off on the whole street and all this stuff! It was nuts! We got stuck there for like 3 hours! We contacted a lot of people though, and they all thought we were crazy because this was right next to 4th street, like where white people DONT go...but we had cops there and stuff so we were just fine! It was way cool though!! They ended up going with tear gas for the guy with the gun and all was fine in the end! But it was so cool!!
Besides that, we have just been super busy with trying to figure out why there are so many problems with Issak and Fanny and the family, and we sure did figure out the problem. Wasnt something that i really wanted to know, but theyre so awesome now! I Issak and his mom were the problem, and fanny was just mad because they were always mad at eachother. But we got down to the bottom of it, Erika just decided to tell us why, and everything is perfect with them now! It was something that i ave had on my mind since i met them! I knew there was something more than just not getting along! I will never forget this family! They are really a family that i know without a doubt was one that i was suppose to meet and help on my mission for sure! We have been taking issak and fanny with us teaching, and man, it is tough for me not to cry. To see the change that they have made since the first day that i met them, to now, it is so increible! They have testimonies that are so solid, and it is such a blessing for me to be able to see the fruit of my labors with them. The gospel is so True!!!
I have also been learning dialects that a lot of the members speak at their homes or that they have learned growning up, like nauhatl and efe and a couple others that i dont remember the names of, but it has really been so fun to learn about the culture. I feel so..Mexican :) it has really helped me understand and love my own heritage as a bit of mexican and how our name somes from the northern part of spain and it is just incredible the kinds of things i have been learning! I dont even think about speaking spanish anymore, it just comes out! I am starting to really work on the accent and everything, and i am starting to get lost in it :) It is sooooo crazy!! I cant wait to call home and talk and show you how hilarious i sound! I crack myself up!!
This week we had exchanges also, and elder spear, my district leader, taught me a lot! He taught me how to work smarter, not harder. It helped me realize how much more efficcient i can be as a missionary and i have come up with a bunch of fun little things that we are going to start doing to be more efficient as we are out on the streets. Elder Bingham and i are awesome together! He truly is going to be one of those companions that i talk to for the rest of my life! We had a ton of fun this week and it was just a blast.
This gospel is so true. I know that Jesucristo lives and that he loves each and every one of us. I know that through the atonement of jesucristo, we can all be healed once again. Take every opportunity that you can to learn about the atonement. Without it, there would be no reason for us to be here. He gave his life for us, the least that we can do is go to him, everyday, and ask for his help. Ask for his forgiveness. We are sinners in this world, even as a missionary, i still sin, just like every other person, but i testify that through the atonement and daily repentance, we can feel those burdens lifted. Have faith in him. The first principle to progression in this gospel is faith. DO what you can to be the best you can be. Love and serve others always, and show your families how much you love them. I love you all and hope that everything goes well this next week. Listen to the words of the prophets, and really want to learn more. Have questions, and i know that you will recieve answers. The profeta is for us, we have the oportunidad to listen to him this weekend. Set that time aside to listen to them, and i promise, that you will learn and you will know what your heavenly father wants you to know. I love you all!! 
Elder Gallego
Remember, faith is not always a feeling, it is a Decision.

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