Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Where to even start?! I cant believe that it is already a new week!! THis past week was absolutely nuts! I dont think i have ever worked so hard in my entire life!! I am just so PUMPED!!!!! THis gospel is changing so many lives of the people here in Wilmington and i am so grateful to be a part of it!
My new companion is awesome!! We speak so much spanish together and haha it is so funny, His name is Elder Bingham but everyone here just calls him Elder Big man because spanish people cant say his last name haha it is so hilarious! So now we have the Powerful yet Productive Unit of Elder Venancio and Elder Big Man!! It is so much fun! He has been out for 17 months, is from "la fabrica de misioneros" (Utah) and he is just an all around awesome Elder. I have already learned a lot from him, as he has been helping me now learn the grammar principles and understand simpler ways to use words or to say things in spanish without having to use so many words, if that makes any sense? But, HOLY COW you wont even believe this!! Ok so i have been speaking like 90% spanish all week, and every night this past week, all of my dreams have been in SPANISH!!!! It is so much fun! Dad, you and i were totally having this full on conversation in spanish, and i was doing my Chilango accent and you were dying laughing!!! It was so hilarious, man i am sure you all just think im some crazy ADD kid, which i am, but this was basicamente mind blowing!!
Also, my new district leader, Elder Spear, Knows the Hallsteds!! We were freaking out! He is a really awesome Elder, very hard working and very diligent. We are going to learn a lot from eachother and i am excited for the oportunity to crecer mi testimonio de su testimonio! This week, i really found out how much i have learned in the 5 months now that i have been out. It has really been an increible experiencia showing my new companion around, and just working harder than i ever have! This week we taught 33 lessons, which is a ton! Now im not getting focused on numbers, but i am really grateful to my heavenly father for opening doors for us this week, and allowing us to bring the spirit into the homes of so many people! We have 3 more baptismal dates as well, one is Jonny Vasquez, he is 13 and he will be baptized on 9 de Abril and then the other 2 are the daughters of Adelphy, the one who accepted the baptismal date for the 28 de Mayo. their names are Gabby and Angela, super nice very respectful girls, that are so totally excited to learn and grow in this gospel! It is just insane what is happening here right now! We feel so overwhelmed with all this work, but hey we have been praying for it and the lord is answering our prayers in ways i never thought were possible, especialmente all at once! Jacob and Nicole are doing great, and guess what?! They both stopped smoking and drinking!! What an increible bendicion de nuestro Padre Celestial!! I was just absolutely amazed at what happened, i didnt even know what to say when they told me. It was like one of those awkward moments....where i just starred at them and was speechless, but i snapped out of it, it was totally hilarious and i just said how amazing that is that they are doing so well, and all that stuff, i cant really remember it happened all so fast! What a blessing! But nicole asked me to baptize her so that will be an awesome experience! This sunday!!
Elia, i dont even know what to say about her. Lets just say that she is one of the reasons that i am here on my mission, and she is an incredible lady. The most prepared person to recieve the Evangelio that i have ever seen in my entire time as a missionary. So sensitive to the spirit, so open to the gospel, and heck she is already in 2 Nefi 9 en el libro de Mormon! She reads it every chance she gets during work, she doesnt watch TV anymore, she just loves to read the Book of Mormon! I just dont even know what to say, she is just incredible. I love this area so much!!! We have a couple others, David y Yaneli and Leticia, Alex and their 2 kids Lexi and Axel that we will be asking to be baptized this week as well, and all 6 have already told us that they feel that this is the path that they need to follow, so i guess that is our clue! We will see what happens though!
So from all the food that we have been getting fed this week, we started running in the mornigs, and we found a sweet river run that is about 2 miles so we ran that tuesday-thursday...but then we got lazy and didnt run until..well we are going to start tomorrow if its done raining! Hopefully it is! Saturday night...we got fed 4 times in 4 hours!!! Chalee!!!! It was so rough! Mahonry fed us 2 sandwiches, and a bowl of Maruchan-ramen, but the chili kind, and he added more chili too...not to mention it was already like scorching hot having just been cooked, so i was eating it and literally almost crying because it burned so bad hahaah we were all laughing and i told mahonry i couldnt do it anymore. Heck i drank 3 glasses of Sunny D and a bottle of water and i just couldnt take the fire anymore! He was totally fine about it, just laughing his head off because he was also like in tears eating it as well! After that, i thought i was full, but no! Freddy and Swatt Gonzalez fed us Shrimp Linguini - they are our life saver when it comes to eating good healthy food! She is from Honduras and he is from Nicauragua! Awesome couple, but yeah, ate a huge plate of that too, ohhh and then after them we had Alex and Leticia- puerto ricans- and it was 9:15-time for us to leave and then she comes out and says ohhh elders espero que ustedes puedan comer porque yo me he preparado algo para ustedes! Holy cow i just looked at elder bingham and told him. "i cant do it man, i just cant eat anymore i am full up to my neck!" but....yes we did eat, you never turn down food as a missionary, and especially not from a brand new investigator that is golden. And Puerto Ricans! It was so delicious!! Arros con arbituelas y tostones-tostones are fried bananas, which are amazing! Arbituelas y arroz, is just rice and beans the puerto rican way, also amazing! Oh and chicke, and a piece of cake...i forgot to say, our curfew was 9:30, and yeah...we didnt get in till 9:50...but everything is ok, we told the district leader right when we knew we wouldnt be home on time, but we did make it home in like 5 minutes, when it normally takes 15. So...yeah...wont be dooing that again!!
Well, i learned a lot this week, especially in church, but i was studying Service this past week, and how i can show more service to my loved ones, and even those people who i dont know. And i found some really good scriptures that i feel will really apply to us all, Moroni 7:43-48, Mosiah 18:8-10, and Mosiah 2:17. Read through those and try to think of some ways that you can better show charity and love to those around you. Just read the new testament, and learn from the master of it all, Our lord and Savior Jesucristo and all that he did for us. I know that this will bless your lives as it has mine. Its incredible to see the blessings of living the gospel. I wouldnt trade it for anything! I love you all and hope all is good with you! And Dad, Feliz Cumpleanos! On saturday! I love you all! Se cuida y que dios los bendiga
Elder Gallego

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