Monday, March 14, 2011


Hola mi familia! Ok so today has been crazy, but man i have so many things to put in this email so everyone buckle up!!
To start, i got the package that grandma and grandpa sent and those brownies and all the 4.5 lbs of mike and ikes that she sent...yeah those are all gone!! haha elder kerouac and i went at it! They were so good!! But hey, i have actually lost 2 pounds this week so im doing great!! Well, with the passole that we just ate last night at edgars, i think that my weight is going to rise...oh well!
I do have a new companion now, its really hard, but he is a super cool elder! His name is elder Bingham! He is from utah, and he has been out for 17 months! He speaks really good spanish and i know that we are going to do a lot of great things together! Our area blew up this past week....we will be having 14-20 baptisms within the next 2 months!! It is so insane to see how much the branch is growing!! I love being a part of it and being the tool in the hand of the lord! Also i did hear about the tsunami, we are all ok here, and hope that everything works out ok with all the people in Japan. Also i got the package with all the pictures and a tape, but the tape was all messed up, because when you recorded over all the old stuff that alyssa already had on there for trevor when he was on his mission, it like distorted everyones voices and you all sounded really wierd! SO next time, make sure to listen to it to see if it sounds right! I did enjoy it though, and all of the thought that you all shared with me about everything that is going on! Oh, dad i wasnt playing futbol in my suit, just my shirt and pants and shoes, no tie or suit, and no i didnt leave black marks on the floor! So its all good there! But i agree, i shouldnt be playing in my dress pants, i will make sure to bring gym clothes this week!
Alec and chandler are starting to look like me!! Its so crazy alec is getting so skinny!! I loved all the crazy pictures of everyone, and it was cool to listen to you all on the tape recorder! Send me more, i should be sending out some in the next little bit! I just have to find time in the day or night to do it, so ill get on that!
We got 2 more baptismal dates this weeek, and jacob and nicole are both progressing well for their baptism in 2 weeks! We now have a dominican lady, Adelphy who will be baptized on the 28th de Mayo and a 9 year old girl, Rebecca for the same day! We are going to be extending baptismal invitations to Adelphys two daughters who are 15 and 12! So that will be awesome! Also another to the nephew of Mahonry, Jonny who is 13! Its amazing what is happening in this area right now, im so glad that i stayed, i miss elder kerouac but i know that he left for a reason and elder bingham and i are going to work really hard!! Elder Kerouac is now a Zone Leader in Reading, Penn. And he is speaking English he is supper bummed about that for sure, and i am too, but he will do great! I will never forget him and all of the things that he has taught me!
We got to give a blessing to a sick baby of another investigator, Mario Tequinaes, at the hospital and it was a great experience. Mario is trying to get out of a drug addiction to crack and weed, and we are working really hard with him to stop. He and his wife really want to be baptized, but he has a lot of things to work out before that happens, so please pray for him to be able to have the ability to quit. Also, we went to court with Mahonry to translate for a ticket he got for not having a license while driving, and he is illegal too, but the judge let him off and he just has to pay $20 a month for a total of $140 for the ticket! So it was a huge blessing for him for sure!! I got some new ties too! Grandma miller sent me $40 so we went to Burlington! That place is awesome! I got 4 ties for $35!! They are so nice too! Im definately going to be going there when i get home for ties!!
Also,  we had the opportunity to go to a wedding for a couple that the other elders have been working with! Angel, the one who has been investigating for a long time, got baptized on saturday!! But right before that, he and his now wife, Eudina, got married so that he could get baptized, bc they didnt want to break the law of chastity so yeah...She is 45 and Angel is its a little wierd, but hey, if theyre happy then whatever!! It was really fun to see the change! I got to teach the restauracion with elder Kerouac while Angel was changing after his baptism and it was so amazing the spirit that was there! Baptism is so essencial to enter into the Celestial Kingdom! I know this to be true!
Yesterday, i had the opportunidad to ordain and set apart Isaak to be a deacon and recieve the Aaronic priesthood!! What a great experience!! The spirit bore witness to us all that the priesthood is real, and i know that i have the priesthood not for myself, but to bless other people, and i am so grateful for the power that i have to be able to do that!
Well, i know that was a crazy email, and all over the place. I have so many things on my mind! I gotta show my new comp the area and tell him so much stuff, and we have 2 lessons tonight, its just awesome! I love missionary work and i love this gospel with all of my heart. I know that it is true and that if we are contantly doing the things that the lord asks of us, he will shower his blessings down upon us like you wouldnt even imagine! Pray to gain your own testimony of this gospel, share the gospel with others, and ALWAYS do what is right! Its a whole lot easier to be obedient than it is to be disobedient! Remember that! Les quiero mucho mi familia y amigos! Se cuida!

Elder Gallego

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