Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Week number.... I Have No Idea!

Que pasa!!!!

this week has been crazy!! i just got back from the hospital for the second day in a row!! it was so wierd to leave the mtc but i liked it!! its nice being able to talk to people other than missionaries all day every day! im so ready to get out of this place for sure!! i am so stoked for next week cuz that is when we will be taught all day in class en espanol!! it will be solid for sure!! people looked at me in the hospitall like i was some foreign object or something today and i just did the sis. sewell....i smiled and waved!! :) hahaah it was hilarious!! i cracked myself up so hard!! well, when dont i??

ok so i hope you got my package mom!! i sent you some fun stuff and a letter for each person in the family including alyssa, trevor and grandma!! im so glad that everything is going well back at home and i sure do miss you all!! i finally cried this was rugged for sure. I had a great experience with being humble and making sure i focus on my needs but as well focus on what i can do to be a better companion! it is really a trial to be in a tripod (3 companions) and i really am grateful for the many things i have already learned!! My companions and i all bawled for a good hour on saturday night. It was so rugged. I am so glad that we became closer through it. THis week has been so much better than last week. We were really stuggling on felling involved in lessons and being able to each have our turn in speaking. I found that i tend to talk and get deep into the lesson really quick with the TRC lessons that we teach. I know that has always been one of my strengths since being here, but i wasnt being mindful of my companions and that is what started the frustration after the lesson. I have learned that humility isnt just subjecting yourself because you feel like you need to make the other person happy. Its is simply admitting fault, asking what it is you can do better to make the situation never arise again, and putting your arm around them and asking for their forgiveness. I had to do that and it was so humbling for me. I have noticed a change in my character and the spirit is changing the person who i thought i was, into the person the lord would want me to be.

In the devotional last night, a member of the 70 came to speak to us and gave a wonderful talk. i took 3 pages of notes it was so insane. Never have i felt the confirming power of the spirit so present in my life for an hour. Consistently. It is amazing what words filled with the power of the spirit can do to ones inner soul. It really helped me a lot.A couple things i learned...Dont try, Just do it. If you just do it, you have already tried your best. This like hit me in the face. I noticed that too many times i say, okill try harder heavenly father, when really i need to be saying, ok ill do it. That really is all we need to do! The more we spend our time doing, the less time we waste trying!! Just Do It!!

The next thing i learned was...I am no longer Matthew Gallego. I am Elder Gallego. I am no longer a pool cleaner, baseball player, ultimate stuntman.I am a missionary of the lord. What power that has!! It is so amazing how much being a missionary changes lives!! I have been called by God himself, through the prophet,to be a missionary in Philadelphia! To speak Spanish! think about it! The lord called me to go where i am for a reason. That reason is because HE knows that i will not let him down, and i know he would never set me up to fail! Never! THat goes for all of us! THe lord put things in our path so we can overcome trial and temptaion and become stronger! I have a true and powerful testimony of the power of God! It is real!!

Ok, so the ultra sound went good yesterday. I will be going back in today to the doctor here to see what medications i have to take to get rid of the tissue build up. ANd my companions wrist is doing better!! He broke it a week ago playing volleyball!! Got a screw put into his scaphoid and had to get a bone graft!! it was intense!!
I hope that you all know how much i love and miss you all and how gratefell i am for your prayers and testimonies. They truly are felt and they really do mean so much to me! I can feel it everytime i get on my knees to pray and the lord is blessing me and you all for your love and support! Im sorry if this email is like all over the place, im trying to sum up so many thoughts in 30 min. I have ADD too. So that doesnt help! and london, i hope you liked your shirt too!! alyssa i will be sending yours this week so get ready for a package!! thank you for sending the package mom, and i dont know where the black pants are they should be with the suit? check chandlers closet. I love you all so much!!! and the espanol is coming really fast!! better learn some by Dec. 20th so i can habla the espanol with you!! i love you all again so much!!

Elder Gallego

la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los Ultimos dias es verdadero y las esctituras es muy importante para nuestras familias y nosotros salvaccion. Jessucristo amoroso y es muy importante por todos las personas!! El libro de mormon es verdadero y fue trasnlated a ayudar la muerte!! Decimos estas cosas, en el nombre de Jesucriosto, Amen.

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