Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11/10/10 - Week Number 3 already??

ok, so sorry about wnding the email with elder g last week i sent my email off with 1 sec left!!! i almost had a heartattack!! im glad you got it!
The weeks here are starting to blend together so hardcore!! i have so much to talk about!! the spanish is coming so great! i almost have the first vision memorized in spanish and my testimony and prayers are getting even better!! its amazing how the gift of tongues works!! I am loving the MTC here. The food all is tasting the same and it is starting to really make me sick everytime i even look at it! i need something else to eat!! i want Del Taco!!!
SO, yesterday my companion left...and it was a lot harder on me than i thought it was going to be. I really miss him and i am so glad that we had to opportunity to be companions for 2 weeks. We became really close and the lord has seriously blessed us both so much!! He will do great in Guatemala for sure! We also lost like 8 other guys. They all went to Chile, and one of them actually went to Philly!! Ill see him in 6 weeks and hopefully we can serve together!! It would be so sweet!!
Yesterday it snowed and i hope that it starts to actually stay cold!! It has been kinda hot this whole week but is definately starting to get cold now for sure. Sorry if this email is all over the place i feel like im so ADD right now for some reason!! hahaah
SO i told you about my goal to finish the Book of Mormon before i left the mtc...well i have been on a roll the past 3 days!! Im almost done with alma and i just started it on Sunday!! it is so amazing the things the book of mormon has to offer!! I love king benjamins address in mosiah. Chapters 2-6 really are amazing!! Read them i would tell you about them but i dont have enough time!!  Just pay attention to the things that he talks about, most importantly repentance, faith, enduring to the end, baptism, recieving the holy ghost, and always following the spirit!! we have to always have our lives really in tune with the spirit so that we can be guided and directed by everything it tells us!!
One of my other goals has been to be diligent and more humble!! And it has worked for Sure!! The lord blesses us in every way shape and form if we just follow his teachings!!
It was fast sunday this week and i got up to bear my testimony!! What an amazing spirit that was there, and to listen to all the other elders that were leaving bear theirs in spanish was really cool!! i cant wait till i get the guts to do it in spanish!! i wanted to so bad but i didnt wanna cut it short!! I am so grateful that i am here i was seriously born to do this!!
I do need my other suit asap. i can get the pants done here for like a dollar.  It is really cheap here for everything!!
Elder bednar came to speak to us last night and he gave a wonderful talk!! Talked about studying the doctrine and making sure that we not only explain it to our investigators, but that the principles that we try to teach arent what investigators learn from. Its when we testify of the pure doctrine of christ that the spirit is really able to hit them hard and they will recieve their own testimony of what is being taught and it will help them understand it a lot better! Thats exactly what i wanted to hear!! THe TRC on saturday was great! We got to the restoration, and talked about the first vision and i felt the spirit so strong!! its amazing because when my companion read that is when the investigator started to really open up to us!! and its because we were teaching the pure doctrine rather than the principles in the doctrine. so that really helped me out a ton!!
I love this gospel and i love you all so much!! i cant wait to seriously get out to philly!! it is going to be one heck of an experience and i am starting to love this spanish!! its so hard to talk, write, and its really hard right now to type in spanish!! haah but i am loving it!! I got a blessing on sunday from my branch president because i have been really down all week waiting to hear from mom and grandpa about their situations, and since that blessing, i have no need to worry about it. THe lord is blessing you right now mom, dad, alec, chandler, alyssa, and trevor, and you too grandma pat!! and all the rest of my family!! i know this gospel is true!! the priesthood is REAL!!! i know that jesucristo is the living son of nuestra Padre Celestial. And he loves us more than we know. The word of God is going forward like never before and i am so priveledged to be a part of it. I miss you all and i love you all so much!! and to my friends....Thank you all so much as well for helping me get here!! I have an amazing Nacho Libre accent now and it really is going to be amazing when i get home!! i cant wait to show you all!!
Adios!!! Elder Gallego!

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