Monday, February 13, 2012



man! this week sure did fly by! this is the last week of the transfer,
and i think im going to stay...yeah! that will make almost a year
here!! so crazy!! but the cool thing is that there is still more work
here, and we are just in a groove with the lord! he is the bomb!

so this week, we had a great family home evening on the plan of
salvacion and how it is so important for us to realize that satan has
no part in the plan...he cant help us get saved right?! its cool
because in the back of the scriptures, the actual plan of salvacion
consists of the creation, the fall, the atonement, and the laws
ordinances and doctrines that god has given us. now my point in that
is to let you see that not one name of any person is
other words, yes god knew who was going to do what, and all that...but
if that wouldve changed, the plan itself still would have been carried
out! and satan has no part in it! of course he helps us learn by
making us sin, so he has nothing to do with our salvacion! we have to
realize that only jesucristo can help us. satan wont. he fell because
he knew not the mind of god the father! just thought that would be
something cool to share!

this week i also got to go on an exchange with one of the zone
leaders, it was good, i learn a lot from them and they also help me
with the things i am struggling! we really had a fun time, and elder
perkins reminds me of my bro in law trevor! looks, talks and acts just
like him! it kills me!!

as we were teaching Jorge lopez, the friend of elvys and noe who are
just on fire, he told us that he wanted to be baptized on the 12 de
febrero!! it was such a shock because heck, just a month ago yesterday
we got to know him and it was a cool experience as we see the change
that he is making to be good with god, and follow the example of
jesucristo and be baptized for the remission of sins! he will be such
a strong member, and with the examples of elvys and noe right now, man
they are all just on fire!!

this week we will be baptizing Victor, Vivian, Jorge (noe will be
doing that!) and the two fransiscos perez! it will be a great
baptismal service right after our stake conference on sunday, and they
have asked me to do the translating from english to spanish again!
haha except this time i will have a copy of the talks so i dont think
ill do so bad :) it will be fun!!

we need prayers for nancy and fransisco borrero that the lord will
help them decide to be baptized! nancy to stop smoking and fransisco
to let go of his fear and just do it! he is so ready and he always
says it, he is just scared to fall, and so we need the prayers so that
he can make the correct decision! also, we had futbol on friday, and
it went great!! there were a lot of people, and it is a great
activity! one of our ivestigators actually brought his buddy yesterday
to church!! they are awesome! so we are going to see him this week to
see what up! he is really excited and said that he loved church! his
name is fernando!

other than all that, life is just crazy! i love it though, to be busy
is to be doing what the lord asks! and especially when you feel peace,
something that satan cant allow you to feel! cool stuff. this church
is the only way, it is the only way. he lives and i know that he loves
us! share the gospel with all that you know! they are all looking for
it and they seriously all want what we have! True and eternal
happiness!! Its all about love!

Elder Gallego

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