Monday, February 13, 2012



this week just flew by! i cant believe it is already monday again, i
definetely made the most of my time this week, my personal studies
went great!! we as a companionship are doing great! we have 8 baptisms
coming on the 12th to finish the transfer, so we will be super busy
this week with interviews and then exchanges, district meeting that i
havent even thought about until now, so much to do and not enough
time!! i just noticed, i use a ton of exclamation points in my emails,
it comes from the spanish. cool fact, when you speak spanish, you use
your face a lot, well at least i do, and you kind of almost yell but
not really, so it comes out in my english that is barely even
understandable now and it is hilarious!

so this week, we finally got fransisco perez/chut padre e hijo to
commit to be baptized on the 12th! also we got nancy to commit to  be
baptized that same day! she is the wife of ruben pascual, he was
baptized the week before i came into this area with elder cook and de
leon! nancy is having problemas with stop smoking and we are really
praying hard for her to stop! she has to yesterday, and so lets hope
she did! we were able to give her a blessing to help her and the
spirit was really stong and i know that nancy can do it, now its just
a matter of her doing it! pray for her please!

we were also able to give john a blessing on monday night, he has had
really bad migranes his whole life and that night he was in so much
pain he couldnt move! so we gave him a blessing and in the blessing i
commanded him to be healed accoring to his faith, and wow the feeling
that came into the room put us to tears!! john was healed!! it was a
great miracle and a powerful testimony of the priesthood and faith!
its all about love and our father in heaven is full of it!

yesterday, we learned about our capacity. god is real, he knows
everything. we are real, but we dont know everything. He is the one we
have to go to in order to learn, to grow, and to become who he is! if
we dont, we are wasting his time that he has given us to be here, its
only a short period of time, so we have to ask in prayer that he help
us know and understand the things we need to do. our capacity to learn
and understand will grow, i know from experience and i know that as we
put our trust in him he will help us! he is obligated to do it!

i know that this church, is the way. the only way. listen to the
profeta, follow the commandments, his teachings, and live the way that
cristo would live. service, love and charity! is it hard, no. its as
hard as we think. confidence trust and true humility are what will
help us! god has given us the capacity to learn, to think and to act.
we cant sit back and say oh god will take care of me...he wont. we
have to act in order for him to act. he wants to take care of us, as
long as we take care of the things he asks us to! i love learning, go
on a mision if you hav thoughts! you will never regret it! it is the
best work!! love you all!!

Elder Gallego

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