Monday, January 23, 2012


Hola bandita!! como estan?!

we finally got a snow storm this week!! yeah a whole 4 inches!! it was
so cool though, it was enough to make a snow man as tall as me!!!
well....thats not that tall, anyway you getthe point!! soy

so i dont know if you remember a guy named Sam Torres....he was a less
active that elder freeman and i were working with back when i first
got here 8 months ago!! well we finally got in contact with him!!
yeah! he is doing good, he is working still, his divorce is still
going through the process but man it was so good to see him! saturday
we helped him do some renovation on his house, he has to make another
apartamento out of it so he doesnt lose it, so we put up drywall,
knocked out a couple of walls, painted, and it was so much fun!! in
the process we talked with his bro in law who isnt a member and has a
REALLY bad past, but he really respects the church with his wife being
a member and he wants to really be one, but its been a really big long
battle so we are giong to see if we can baptize him, it would be
really sweet to see that happen! but anyways we are going back over on
tuesday to share a message about faith with him!!

We also had a sweet noche de hogar, FHE, with noe and elvys and a
member and it was so good! elvys and noe are just on fire and they are
really learning, doing what they need to in order to recieve the
blessings! i love when less actives go active! they are so strong and
are so dedicated! its all about love! for 8 months ive worked with the
both of them, and now we have finally been able to get them in church
consistently and doing what they need to in order to prepare for the
priesthood, and the temple!! i love it!!

i also had an exchange with elder lopez and we had a blast!! he is so
humble and we learned a ton together!! such a diligent and hardworking
misionero and i really look up to him! the district meeting that i
planned this week taught us all a lot! i dont know how i did it, but i
related studying for our investigators to a game of baseball, and
demonstrated it in the gym! it was so sick!! we all kind of just blew
our minds as a district, and the spirit is really strong! i know that
as a missionary, i dont study for me, i study for them and as i am
doing that, i will always learn more! the lord is good!!

we started up futbol on friday nights again and it went great!! we had
a good turnout of about 25 people there!! it was good, we all had a
good time, and have 3 new investigators from it! man john and luis are
just a 2 man battle ship! they are bringing more members of the family
to the church, so there is real potencial there! actually, john gave a
talk yesterday en la iglesia!! it was so good! on the libro de mormon!
he has such a strong testimony and everyone was saying and asking if
we helped him, and we didnt do one thing! he prepared and everything!
gotta love recent converts! Maximo also was assigned to speak, and
hahaah basically preached a sermon of the book of mormon!! we kinda
have to let him know about that...he did great though!! :)

as for all of that, everything is going great! jorge lopez, fransisco
borrero, fransiscos perez jr and sr, victor, vivian, yuriana and
jorgito are all preparing for baptism on the 12th and 19th de
febrero!! we are seeing the blessings of the lord here and i love it!
got 9 months left to save souls!!! the work is true, god is good, and
the savior loves us! i know it. and ill never deny it!! DyC 122:7

Elder Gallego

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