Monday, January 23, 2012


Hey everyone!! ok this week was super nuts! the weather has gotten
just tremendo with all this winter thing and no snow! i dont like it!
but we just keep working! it got super cold this week, i have been
sleeping in pj pants and a lava lava wrap like normal, and am still a
bit cold! but we are surviving.

i just got out of the dentist and got my teef all fixed up and my face
is in a great amount of pain i dont like the dentist, anyways, we have
2 more people ready for baptism, Victor is 10 and his sister vivian is
11 they will both be baptized on the 12th of febrero which is the last
day of the transfer! time is seriously just flying out here, and i
know that my emails have been super boring lately with all the things
that are on my mind and all the things to do, it just super gets hard!

one thing that i have learned this week is the rehabilitating power of
prayer, and how it helps us no matter where we are at and what we are
doing! i have so much faith in my savior jesucristo and i know that he
is there for me and helps me whenever i need him! have the faith to go
to him and ask him for anything, he wants to know!

i also learned something really cool about a testimony, that
testimony- real testimony said by the spirit and confirmed by the holy
ghost- changes lives! it is so true and it is so real! one time, my
mission president just got up and bore his testimony by simply saying,
"He Lives". one of the most powerful experiences with the spirit i
have ever had in my entire life! i feel that my testimony is strong
and firm and founded on jesucristo because i feel his presence in my
life, and i challenge you to do the same. there is nothing better than
this feeling, and that is the truth! he loves us and no matter what
the case is, wants us to know that before anything else.

as we have been looking for more people to teach this week, we set a
goal of getting 4 references de los miembros, and then having 5 new
investigators, well we got the 4 references and we had 9 new
investigators this week! totally insane! the lord blesses us when we
want it and are doing what we need to to get it. i know that he lives,
and because he lives, i live and i live to learn how to get back to
him, and will help as many people as i possibly can in order to do
that, this is his work, i love being an instrument of that work, with
my companion, we are helping change lives, and the blessings are

la obra del senor es grande en si mas si nosotros pensamos que el
adversario se nos pueda controlar- es falso! los quiero muchisimo!

Elder Gallego

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